Portfolio Cashflow Optimiser

We Set-Up Top Quality Financial Management Reporting Systems for you so that you can quickly & easily get the data you need to make informed business decisions

We set up your internal financial management systems for you, taking away the confusion and the huge time burden this puts upon you as a business owner. We take all our years of learning about how to get EXACTLY what is required to really make decisions in a property business, and replicate it for you in your business.

We then provide a full-spectrum ongoing bookkeeping service, so that within 2 months you are receiving ongoing monthly management accounts and key business metrics in the form of a bespoke, easy to understand FINANCIAL TEMPLATE, that has been custom-made to your business.

You'll walk away with your own FINANCIAL DASHBOARD, custom-made to you and your business that can be used every month (or even week) moving forwards to assess the health of your business and make decisions.

You have enough to juggle in your business without trying to figure out how to pull together all the financial data you need to make decisions! So let us take the weight off you and replicate our processes for you.


Set-up of your Custom-Made Financial Dashboard (including tidying up of accounts) £2,830+VAT - this can be spread over 12-monthly instalments, or payment in full will attract a 15% discount

Ongoing monthly bookkeeping fee moving forwards will depend on the size & scope of your portfolio, but is very competitively priced, especially for the level of quality of the bookkeeping that is provided for this template to be delivered - contact us for a quote

This is a bespoke product, lead by our brilliant Financial Controller, Bernard, and as such we can only accommodate one business per month - next start date is currently JANUARY 2021.

The programme is perfect for you if:

  • You have no proper financial management system in place in your business and would want to have one (with no hassle on your part!)
  • You have a financial management system in place, but would want to improve to an advanced method
  • You are overwhelmed with your data and numbers and you need the help and direction to get them all organised, leading you to create a proper financial management system

This is the exact system that we use in Tomes Homes to track our cashflow and assess the overall health of our business. It has taken us years, and thousands of hours, to get to this point of up-to-date, easy to interpret, USEFUL data all in one GORGEOUS dashboard (see key features below)... and we want you to be able to have this in your business

To summarise what the package involves:

  • Initial Consultation with the Detail Dave & the Tomes Homes Group Financial Controller Bernard Romulo: During this session we aim to fully understand your business model and structure in order to scope out what key metrics are going to be right for your business to track. We discuss how the data will need to be categorised in the accounts moving forwards in order to make these metrics easily accessible
  • Production of first draft of new report dashboard: This template will incorporate the metrics and items discussed during the initial consultation, and once produced there will be 1-2 feedback sessions to go through it with you, in order to refine and perfect the report for your needs  
  • Creation of Invoices & Receipts Process: It's integral to ensure that your bookkeeper will have easy access to all the information they need to be able to keep your accounts fully up to date, so we will work with you to create and implement a simple and efficient process for dealing with all receipts & invoices in your business
  • Ongoing bookkeeping service (quoted separately): the ongoing support of Detail Dave & Bernard to ensure your bookkeeping is delivered to the highest standards in a way that supports the needs of you as a business owner. Your data is delivered monthly in your custom-made dashboard.

The set-up & creation of your Financial Dashboard takes approximately 2 months.

Any questions on the Portfolio Cashflow Optimiser? Drop us an email to info@property-strategy.com and we'll get right back to you.

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