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Step Back & Diversify

You are at Empire Level if:

You've built your property business from the ground up & overcome challenge after challenge to be where you are today. You've probably invested in property courses, mentorships & masterminds along the way, but you are finding that these are becoming less and less relevant to you, and you are time poor so spending a day away from the business searching for the 'golden nugget' no longer represents a good return on your time.

You are ready for the next level.

The support & guidance you now need is very specific, and you need it all to be RELEVANT to where you are at.

You have a team around you, but somehow you have to be involved in every decision. You receive messages across multiple channels all day every day. There's a lot of responsibility on your shoulders that you want to share with your team, but what is the best way to do. this?

You know your property business is not the only business you want to run, but whilst you are extrememly motivated to start the next one, it doesn't feel right to do so whilst your current business seems so reliant on you right now.

If the above sounds familiar then we can support you as one of our 'Empire Level' clients. Usually this will mean you have:

  • 5+ team members (could be mostly contractors)
  • Revenues of £500k+ (could be across mutliple SPV's)

This description doesn't sound like it reflects my situation; I would say I am...

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Less experienced than this

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It's time to turn your property business into the start of your Business Empire

At the Empire Level we can help you to:

  • Set up multiple income streams & increase cashflow
  • Have an incredible Team EFFICIENTLY managing ALL your day-to-day operations
  • Build your Influence & Credibility within the industry
  • Remove you from the day-to-day running of your business

In our experience, businesses at this level require the following support:

  • Ensuring you have a robust Business Structure that can work for your next stage of scaling
  • New System Implementation & optimisation of current systems to increase efficiency
  • Refinement of Team Roles & Responsibilities to enable more effective team ownership
  • Get access to Quality Financial Data in your business to make Management Decisions & Mitigate Risks
  • Refine your Business Vision & Strategy


Based on your Level, we would usually suggest the following programmes that will help you to achieve the next objectives in your business.

Systems Accelerator
Financial Management Fast-Track
Strategy Builder

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If you would like to arrange a call to discuss the best path forward for you & your business - just drop us a message and we can book in a time to have a chat to understand your specific requirements.

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