It's time to set your Strategy for 2020 and beyond! 

Join me with Angelos Sanders on the latest episode of Your Success Podcast. 

Get the best out of the new DECADE by creating a great strategy for yourself and your property business. It's time to create your 2030 Vision...



Time for some straight talking strategy time with Amy & Dan on the Property Vault Podcast!  

We discuss why having a clear and focused strategy is so fundamental to being successful in your business and your life and dispel the myths around strategy explaining why property strategies often get confused with business models.  

You can tune in to The Property Vault Podcast available on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

#HolidayEvery 6Weeks

With Mike Stenhouse on Inside Property Investing Dave & I discuss how we’ve created a business that allows us to go on holiday every 6 weeks and what success means to us.  

Systemisation for Success

Here I discuss with Catherine Turner on the Leveraged Lifstyle Podcast what systems we’ve put in place which has enabled us to build and streamline our property business.  

We talk about vision, strategy, systems and leverage as well as how our multi-million-pound business allows us to have the lifestyle we want and go on holiday every six weeks.  

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The biggest factor in Success?

How do you take a holiday every 6 weeks? 

The importance of systemisation in making this happen!

Raising Finance & Strategy

Interview with Peter Jones dscussing the challenges and struggles of getting going in property, and how we raise finance, work with JV partners and the importance of great business strategy in your property.

The Power of JV Finance 

With Christian Rodwell from Escape The Rat Race

  • How joint venture finance can help accelerate your property success
  • What can be achieved in as little as 12 months if you become unbelievably focused on one thing
  • How Success doesn’t happen by accident. You have to put in the hard work first, in order for it to pay you back in the future

Creating a Property Investment Business with Family Values

Sharing the 6 step system to success

The importance of strategy in creating a successful, scalable & sustainable business 

The mission to bring proper strategy to the property world so that anyone can build a great property business giving them the lifestyle that they truly want!

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