6-Month Property Strategy Builder Programme

  • Get focus, clarity & direction on how to scale or consolidate your property business 
  • Create a property business that will give you the exact lifestyle you want 
  • Map out a detailed, all-encompasing plan to fast track your perfect results on just ONE PAGE 

The Property Strategy Builder is a 6-Month Programme for property professionals who have a property business they want to scale-up or consolidate  

  • We build your property strategy together over 6 x 2-hour, monthly 1-2-1 sessions so you have the space & time between sessions to reflect and ensure the plan we are creating definitely is right for you
  • Sessions are held online via Zoom video conferencing software (so you can join from wherever you have an internet connection!) or when diaries allow face-to-face in London or Margate, Kent
  • If you have a business partner, they can join you in your sessions for no additional charge 
  • Between sessions Jackie, Dave & the rest of the Tomes Homes team are on hand to provide support, guidance and ensure your business building is consistently building momentum towards your ideal life and business 
  • For clients with high priority requirements or those travelling long distances to attend we can organise an 'Accelerated' version of the programme run over a shorter and more intensive time period 

Investment for the programme: £6,495+VAT 

How to Apply: 

This programme is strictly by application and invitaton only - if you would like to be considered, please click the button below to complete an application form

If you are accepted onto this 1-2-1 programme lead by Jackie Tomes and supported by Dave and the rest of the Tomes Homes team you are making a commitment to scaling up your property business. We only take a maximum of 8 students each year through this programme, and we only accept those that are ready to take their property business to the next level of growth and scale. Clients who work with us usually have an up-and-running property portfolio / investment business - though occasionally those who are less experienced are accepted if they display the right drive, commitment & tenacity.  

With the above in mind, if you would like to be considered for the programme please complete the application form below. Once submitted we will review and come back to you to let you know whether your application has been successful. 

Questions? Please email us at info@property-strategy.com

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THE DEFINITION OF STRATEGY? “A plan …designed to achieve an overall aim”  

So what is your overall aim? And what is your plan for achieving it? Such simple questions… that can be very difficult to answer!  

We start by getting to the bottom of YOUR overall aim, and then build a step-by-step personalised plan to get you there.  

The Property Strategy Builder is specifically focused on the second part of this equation - Property Business Strategy. It is the integral part of growing a successful property business that most miss. Now, when I say 'Property Strategy' I don't just mean being clear on whether you are doing HMO's, commercial conversions, etc - those are business models, not strategies. We need to build your property strategy around your business model.  

That is how you ensure you are building a property business that REALLY gives you the results you desire, as well as ensuring you are sustainable and scalable in the long-term. 

Design the life that you want & a plan for how your property business will help you get there  

What is your big reason for starting your property business?  

  • Freedom to do what you want, when you want, with who you want 
  • Money to fund the life that you desire 
  • Time for the things & people that you care about 
  • Less stress - so that you can enjoy life! 
  • To be able to serve the world & give back  

All too often your property business can give us the opposite of this! So whatever your reason, make sure you have a plan for achieving it - that is what the Property Strategy Builder is designed to do. 

Overview of the Property Strategy Builder Process  

What makes this programme different is that it is all centred around you and ensuring the decisions we come to and the plan we design is truly personal to you and right for you – it is not a one-size fits all approach. Therefore, depending on your individual circumstances, desires and challenges I will adjust the programme to suit you. For example if you are in a rapid phase of growth you may have a number of businesses running alongside each other – so unravelling this and getting to the bottom of what you should be focusing on will take a larger portion of our time. On the flip side, if you are in a portfolio consolidation phase, a larger part of our time together will be understanding how the portfolio is currently functioning and what is / is not working to ensure we have all the data we need to make the right decisions.  

So please view the following overview as a guideline only and know that I will ultimately make it work best for you so that we get to the right plan for you.

The end result? Your personal property business plan mapped out on one page  

  • Together, we will create an actionable plan for the next 1-3 years, enabling you to build & systemise your business in the right way to achieve your vision
  • You will walk away with your whole business strategy for the next 1-3 years concisely written-up, so that you can immediately action it with clarity and focus
  • Part of the process of working together is ensuring you have a slick and efficient task management system in place (we recommend Asana)
  • The end rest of our work together will see your whole personalised strategic business plan mapped out in Asana, where your big picture strategic goals link right down to the day to day actions that you and your team are taking
  • Big picture strategy, made actionable right down the day for ultimate focus and decision making-power in your business

Systems for Success: Tomes Homes Systems Toolkit

Robust, scalable and efficient systems are integral for your business and lifestyle success  

But what systems do you actually need?!  

Your 1-3 year Strategy will be designed to ensure you are creating and implementing the systems you will need - ensuring your business will be robust, scalable and efficient.  

The RIGHT systems will free you to focus on what you LOVE and support the lifestyle you want.  

 And to make this process as easy as possible for you, you'll also get access to all of our Systems & Process documents.  

You'll get our Tomes Homes Systems Toolkit at our first session together. This is only available to clients and it contains the systems & processes that have enabled us to build a £6M+ portfolio in 6 years AND create the holiday-every-6-weeks lifestyle. They have been thousands of hours in the creation & implementation, and include thousands of pounds of investment contracts. We have also made some pretty expensive mistakes during the last 5 years that these processes are specifically designed to safeguard against so that you don't have to make them too. Tomes Homes Systems Toolkit - you literally can't buy this, but if I had to put a nominal value on it, when taking into account the many hours of work spent building and refining these, and the costs of other professional fees needed in their creation, it would be well in excess of £10,000 

So you can systemise your property business, without having to do all the hard work to create these yourself...  

  • Sourcing & Acquisitions: viewing check-lists, deal pipeline spreadsheet, briefing documents
  • Deal analysis: deal analyser tools for single let’s, HMO’s & developments
  • Funding: JV contract templates, loan agreement templates, JV partner pipeline process & paperwork designed specifically to adhere to FCA regulation, investor information packs
  • Refurbishment: refurb specifications, refurb estimator tool, project management ticklist, refurb completion checklist
  • Finance: financial reporting spreadsheets (inc. P&L, cashflow forecasting, balance sheet), master portfolio spreadsheet, bookkeeping & receipts processes
  • Online systems: processes for how to use online systems in the best way. From task management, accounting, client relationship management, team management, etc.

Between session support: SOS phone calls  

As part of the programme you'll also get access to 6 x 25 minute "SOS" Phone Calls. These calls can be booked as and when you need them. You simply need to email us if you have something that requires priority discussion before our next session together, and we'll get this booked in ASAP.  

In these calls we can discuss anything that you need help with! Some examples of the sort of questions we can cover in these calls are...:  

- "How do I structure a new deal with a JV partner?"  

- "I can't get lending on X deal - what can I do?"  

- "Should I hire person A or person B?"  

- "I've been presented with X Opportunity - is this right for me? Does this fit with the strategy?"  

- "Things aren't going to plan with X - what should we do next?"  

- "My business partner and I have completely differing points of view on X, and it's stopping us from doing anything... how can we resolve this so we can move ahead?"  

If you were to book this call support outside of the programme it would be charged at my pay-as-you-go hourly rate of £500+VAT, but these are included for free as part of the programme so I can make sure you build momentum month-by-month.

Property Strategy Builder Programme: Summary  

6 x monthly 1-2-1 Property Strategy Sessions - value £6,000+VAT  

Tomes Homes Systems Toolkit - value £10,000+VAT  

Strategy SOS Phone Calls - value £1,250+VAT  

Total value of £17,250+VAT  

Investment for the programme: £6,495+VAT  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • Can I spread the payments for the programme? Yes – you can spread your payments over 6 equal instalments
  • Are there any discounts available? If you would like to pay upfront for the programme there is a 15% pay in full discount
  • How much extra do you charge if I want to bring my business partner? I think it’s important to get both business partners along to strategy sessions, so if you have a business partner, they can join you in your sessions for no additional charge. 
  • Is this a tax-deductable business expense? If you have an existing property business, then it is usually possible to deduct the cost of a training programme before tax. Please confirm this with your accountant

What my clients say about working with me on their Property Strategies...

Business plan to give you laser focus  

"I always come away from my sessions with Jackie energised and refocused on what I should be working on for my business based on the business strategy we’ve been working. In awe of the skill she displays to elicit the core values within me that I wouldn’t have been able to articulate on my own. Jackie definitely knows what she is doing and you can clearly see she is passionate about her clients getting results. I now have a business plan to keep me laser focused on achieving my objectives with key implementable actions!  

Thank you so much Jackie!"  

Kemi Ogidan

Strategic focus for multiple businesses  

“We have tried a number of different methods to help get some clear direction and strategic focus for our multiple businesses and working with Jackie is the one thing that has given us clarity as well as a tangible process to follow which is completely repeatable.  

Jackie is a great listener, intelligent and insightful and gives good advice as well as keeping us on track. We highly recommend working with Jackie.”  

Kevin Poneskis & Caroline Benson

Save 1000s hours of wasted time  

"I attended Jackie’s training two years ago. At the time I found the training freed my mind, gave me total clarity on where I should, and also should not be focusing. I cannot explain how liberating this is!  

Two years later the benefits of the training continue to compound. Having known what to say yes and what to say no to has saved me 100s if not 1000s of hours of wasted time. This has meant I’ve completed more deals and also had more free time to spend with my family (the reason I stated in property in the first place!) thank you Jackie!!"  

Sarah Nuttall, Edward Milton Property  

Get to your goals a lot quicker  

"We were frustrated at the progress we were making in the business. We have a team of five highly experienced & talented people and felt like we should have been moving a lot quicker with what we were doing.  

We now have absolute clarity on where we need to go – everyone is aligned & it’s allowed us to focus on what we really need to do and ignore the distractions of life. We didn’t realise the value of it, but now we’ve done it, we wished we’d done it a year ago.  

Whatever stage of your journey you’re at you should just do it. It will help you mould your business into something that will work a lot more efficiently & set you towards your goals a lot quicker. So just do it."  

KHP Developments

From overwhelm to clarity with strategy  

“Before I came on Jackie’s Property Strategy Programme I was a little bit overwhelmed. I’m a shiny penny chaser, trying to do lots of things at once and not really getting anywhere.  

As a result of doing the Property Strategy Programme with Jackie I have now got so much more clarity, I’ve got an end vision, I’ve got definitive steps along the way &&I’m well on my way to getting where I want to be.  

If anyone is thinking of attending the Property Strategy Programme, my advice would be stop thinking about it and start doing it, in just a short space of time, it has had a massive impact already.”  

Toni Gargan

Aligning your Vision with your Short-Term Actions  

"It has been really great working with Jackie to get some real clarity on my strategy. The real power for me I think is to be able to get down some of the detail around each section that makes my Serviced Accommodation business of particular value and to be able to articulate that to different various stakeholders. Also, exceptionally powerful in terms of being able to get very focused on your long term goal and how that turns into meeting a medium term goal and then the short immediate key actions.  

This has enabled me to be able to plan my weeks now in line with my short term goals (which are aligned to my medium and in turn longer term goals). This is really a very powerful thing to be able to ensure you stay on focused in what you're doing. Strategy on a Page is of very good use to not only for more advanced investors but also newbies who perhaps may not have been thought about certain elements of their business yet in terms of cash flow, planning for resources, and some of the sales and marketing elements that are required to build a sustainable business."  

Hitesh Mistry 

Together we will:  

  • Remove frustration and overwhelm  
  • Get clarity on your Vision & Values 
  • Build you a personal plan on one page for you to grow your property business 
  • Make sure you are building the right business for you  
  • Create an actionable plan for you to fast track your path to success  

Jackie Tomes: The Property Strategist  

  • Background in Consumer Insight - bringing knowledge of human behavior into strategic marketing direction 
  • Built a £6m+ property portfolio in Kent in 6 years before the age of 30 
  • JV Finance Raising Expert - structuring deals with investors properly (considering tax, legal and lending implications)
  • Experienced in single lets, HMO's, conversions, blocks of flats (title splitting) 
  • Featured multiple times in Your Property Network magazine and Inside Property Investing Podcasts
  • World Record Holding public speaker