Your Scalability Score

The Property Business Assessment Tool that gives you detailed guidance on just how ready your property business is to scale up.

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This Property Business Assessment Tool will help you understand THE EXACT STEPS to systemise and scale-up your Property Business. Get yourself into the role that you are best at, surrounded by a team is doing what they do best, supported by a bedrock of awesome systems.

Your Scalability Score is a detailed assessment of just how ready your property business is to scale up. Giving a clear indication of where your businesses strengths and weaknesses are, and helping you to identify potential bottlenecks to growth.

After taking the assessment test, you'll be given a score across the 5-Key Areas of Property Strategy, along with a Report Tailored specifically to your current level. The report has been designed to give you 3 things:

1)    Clarity on the different areas you want to be thinking about as you grow your property business and what is involved in each area.

2)    An Assessment of where you are at in all areas of your property business so that you can start to see where your current strengths are and more importantly, to learn which areas are weaker and may need attention.

3)    Clear Next Steps and actions you can take to help you improve every single area and enable your business to become more scalable.

Scalability Score

How does it work?

When you click the button below you'll be directed to take the Scalability Score Test. It comprises of 30 questions, that will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

For best results we recommend taking this away from distractions - so make yourself a cup of tea and find a quiet corner where you can focus.

On completion of the test you'll receive your scores across the 5-Key Areas of Property Strategy (a score out of 20 in each area), with an overall score out of 100. The higher your score the more scalable your property business is!

Off the back of these initial results, we can email you your full, DETAILED report that will break down exactly what your score means, and what actions you can take to improve your scalability score.

Who is the Scalability Score for?

You are past the first phase of your property investment adventure. You are doing property deals, it's working! Money is coming in, this was just what you planned!


There's never enough hours in the day.

Your to-do list never-ends.

Dinner looks like a Tesco ready meal far too often, because there's no time for food shopping.

You've "outsourced" tasks but somehow everything keeps coming back to you!

You make Every. Single. Decision.

You are constantly battered with messages - email, WhatsApp, texts, voicemails, phone calls, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram...

You feel constantly behind & things keep getting missed.

You might think at times that this whole 'property business' thing is a bit of a farce - passive income?! What?!

The dream was to have Multiple Income Streams giving you Freedom & Time through investing in property, but you cannot see how to get from where you are now to that actually being a reality.

If you can relate to the above (or if you want to make sure that you never have to experience the above!) then we are here for you.

This is exactly why we've created the Scalability Score.

It's a Property Business Assessment Tool to help you understand THE EXACT STEPS for how to get from where you are now, to a Property Business that works FOR YOU.

No hype. No fluff. Just pure detailed, step-by-step guidance.

Your Scalability Score is a detailed assessment of just how ready your property business is to scale up. Giving a clear indication of where your businesses strengths and weaknesses are, and helping you to identify potential bottlenecks to your property business growth.

Why did we create the Scalability Score?

At Property Strategy we pride ourselves on tailored, individual advice. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. The advice that is right for one person, is not necessarily right for the next.

This has meant we have focused in on BRILLIANTLY serving a small number of clients in order to deliver the high levels of care, support and service we feel is right.

The problem is we've realised there are so many more property investors that need advice, guidance and support but that can't currently access it due to limitations on our time - the Scalability Score is one of the ways we are removing this barrier. 

It has been 6 Months and hundreds of hours in the making. But to be able to make it we've had to spend the last 6 YEARS learning what to go into it. The test that has been created off the back of our experience in building our own property business, but also the experience of learning about hundreds of other property businesses - what limits growth and results, and what UNLEASHES it. 

All this data, experience and knowledge has gone into this test to help you.


It's free because we want the UK property world to know what REALLY goes into building a successful property business. A business that ensures you achieve your Vision of more Freedom, more Time, more Money AND can lift the property industry with amazing service to your customers. 

We are fed up of the hype, noise and disappointments that the property training industry has sadly become known for. This assessment and report will lay out for you exactly what you need to do. It's not the shiny, get-rich-quick answer... but follow it, and it WORKS. Many will read this and not be ready to take the steps that are contained within it - that's ok. 

If you read it and you are ready to start take the actions shared then it's time to take it to the next level. Get cracking!

And if you get stuck or need further guidance you know where we are. You'll know our methods and how we work, so you'll be ready to take full-advantage of our other services if you need to. 

So, are you ready to find out your Scalability Score? str