To make renting where you live better than owning where you live. A property business designed to serve those who rent from us.  

For those that wish to rent, we want to make this a great choice, where it offers benefits that you just don’t get with homeownership: – a swift easy & efficient move in process without hassle or chasing – great quality accommodation that is ready to become your home straight away – one call and that maintenance issue is swiftly rectified! – flexibility to move quickly into a home you’ll be happy and excited to live in  

Bringing our Lettings in house this year has been a big part of the first step in making this happen. Important to say, this is not a Lettings Agency, as we will only be managing the properties that we also own or co-own with our investors. This is crucial to being able to provide the highest levels of service that our Vision demands.  

We are so excited to finally be able to articulate a Vision that really puts our customers (those that rent from us) at the heart of everything we do. Where we can also play our part in refining the image of the Private Rented Sector, which continues to get such a battering.  

As we start to implement this Vision, this approach is of course also serving our investors who are already benefitting from streamlined lettings costs, quick tenant changeovers and improved rents.  

There is lots of work to be done to make this a reality! But we have a fantastic team, a great bedrock of systems (that are improving every week) and we are ready for the next level of scale and adding new properties to the portfolio that can then go on to be managed to the highest standards towards this new Vision.  

If this Vision sounds like something you would be interested to be involved in, then get in touch as we would love to hear from you!

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