Meet the team! 

Built by self-made, currently active property investors.

Created by Jackie & Dave, the founders of Tomes Homes.

From the first deal in 2014 (bought for £108,500!) to over £12M of deals (at time of writing in 2021).

This programme is the result of tens of thousands of hours of experience, pains, learning and realisations! Bringing together the golden nuggets that would have made everything so much quicker, easier... and more FUN! More deals and more passive income... QUICKER!

Scale up and do more deals with less of your time...


Clarify your Property Business Scale-up Plan.

  • Stop doing too many things and spinning too many plates, and choose what Property Strategy to focus on
  • Define what type of investor works best for you
  • Clarify best structure and exit strategy for your deals


Do MORE deals with LESS of your time.

  • Find more good deals, streamlined deal analysis and more offers in and more deals secured without the pain
  • Never-ending to-do list cut in half and get your evenings & weekends back
  • Take an easier path to delegation and systemisation so that you don't have to do everything!


Do more Deals.

  • Money lined up and ready to go for your deals
  • Quick agreement from your investors when deals are agreed
  • Pipeline of Deals that meet yours/your investors' criteria

Overview of the Deal Maker Accelerator Programme  


  • Comprehensive On-Demand Strategy Centre.
  • Focused 1-2-1 sessions.
  • Monthly KPI & Objective Tracking Sessions.
  • Weekly Accountability.
  • Private community for inspiration & support.



  • Complete clarity on your business model and strategy.
  • Well systemised pipeline of quality investors.
  • Balance out sourcing and cash flow.
  • Improve deal flow.
  • A process that ensures you are getting consistent deal flow with minimal time and effort.



  • The cost is divided into two payments...
  • 1st payment to join the programme: £7,200 spread over 12 months (£1,080 for month 1, and £556.37 for month 2 onwards), or £6,120 if paid upfront.
  • 2nd payment: £2,400 - is only due once the programme has given you a 200% return on the first payment through increased cashflow.

95% Virtual Programme - maximise efficiency of your time, accelerate your progress from anytime, anywhere. Get 1-2-1 support from the Jackie & Dave, the founders of Tomes Homes as they practice what they preach - growing their systemised property business whilst travelling the world!

Any questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for immediate answers!

What do you get from the DMA programme?

  • Clear direction and an end to being spread too thin / being pulled in multiple different directions.
  • More deals identified, analysed, offered-on and secured (no matter what the market is doing).
  • The funds lined up for your next deals from the RIGHT investors (with clarity on structure, returns, timeframes & exits).
  • Renewed energy, motivation and excitement for property.

Who is the programme for?

For experienced investors only. You need to have:

  • A proven track record of 10+ property deals.
  • Experience of working with at least one investor (it could have been a friend or family member).

You will also need:

  • Track record of performing outside of your comfort zone.
  • The ability to make decisions & quickly act on them (and to be able to proactively reach out if you are struggling).
  • To take the actions we agree together - even if you are scared / busy.
  • Need to be prepared to do the stuff you hate sometimes if you know it's going to propel you forwards.
  • To be open-minded, adaptable, and take personal responsibility for your own success.
  • To be comfortable working with numbers (even if you hate them!) - basic Excel skills as a minimum.

This programme is NOT for:

  • Beginners or those with no experience of working with investors.
  • Those who are unable to make time for working ON the business (you might be firefighting right now, and that's ok, but to get out of that place you need to be able to carve out small pockets of time away from your emails / phone calls in order to get in the driving seat of your business).

Acceptance to the programme is by application and interview. We take a maximum of 12 students per year (but we don't fill up for the sake of it, we only accept those that are right for the programme).

How does it work?

  • Access to the On-Demand Strategy Centre - all the frequently encountered challenges/questions investors at your stage, answered at the click of a button, any time of the day or night.
  • 1-2-1 Support in the process of refining and optimising your business model so you can raise more finance and do more deals.
  • KPI Tracking: monthly accountability session to review successes & challenges from the previous month, reset your goals for the month ahead and track results against your Key Performance Indicators
  • Active Community on Slack: different threads for different topics - post your challenges & questions for quick feedback and your successes so we can celebrate your wins with you.
  • Success Habits: weekly accountability to set & reset your key priorities and to articulate & solve your highest priority challenges - building energy and momentum towards the highest priority actions/
  • Ideas, Inspiration & Solving Challenges: niched group collaboration sessions arranged around the specific group challenges so you can get ideas and inspiration about better ways of doing things and best ways to move forwards.


Deal Maker Accelerator:

Do more deals in less time

  • Find and secure more property deals
  • Get your next pot(s) of funds lined up and ready to go for when you have an offer accepted
  • Clear, quick route to achieving your cashflow goals
  • Less hard work, more focused SMART work
  • Get your evenings & weekends back and book in the next holiday!!

Programme Price: 75% now, 25% results linked

First payment to join the programme*: £7,200

(*Can be spread over 12 months (£1,080 for month 1, and then £556.37 for month 2 onwards, or £6,120 if paid upfront. The other 25% is only due once the programme has given you a 200% return on the 1st payment through increased cashflow. So the total investment is £9,600. Business partners are welcome to join for a 50% charge!)


Any questions about the DMA Programme? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for immediate answers.

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We've helped our clients go from juggling the never-ending to-do list, pulled in so many different directions, and stuck in the nitty gritty AND not doing enough deals.... to finding & securing multiple deals and lining up the funds for the next deals!

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