Your Deal Maker Accelerator Team

The Property Strategy dream team! Here to support you on your journey to create your ideal life through your property business. Let's do this. 


The Property Strategist

Jackie is the Visionary and driving force behind Tomes Homes. Her genius lies in bringing order from chaos - understanding the current context, what challenges need to be solved, and what the end goals are. By creating clarity on how to connect where we are now, with where we want to be, Jackie liberates and energises her clients to make their dreams a reality, and doesn't accept any excuses along the way.

Deal Maker Accelerator Mentor David Wigram smiling for the camera


The Detailed One

Whenever it comes down to HOW things work from a detailed perspective... you'll find Dave is never far away! From business financials and making the business more profitable, to the most incredible deal analysis spreadsheets and structuring complex property deals (that people say won't work!) - that's Dave's genius that has built Tomes Homes alongside Jackie... and what he now brings to DMA.

Deal Maker Accelerator Mentor Dominic Becheeno is wearing his business attire while posing for the camera


Mindset Man

Dom inspires & supports our DMA clients to gain new habits to truly transform their level of achievement in all areas of life and ensuring they remain focused on their strategic goals and have the necessary skills and head space to deliver results.

Bringing years of Business Coaching Experience to the programme.

 Head of Property Sourcing & Relationships Chris Tomes is smiling for the camera, showing off a scenic view behind him.


The Deal Maker

Chris brings a lifetime of experience brokering deals to the table - he's the Deal Maker behind Tomes Homes, helping us to consistently acquire new properties! And the best part? He's Jackie's Dad! When it comes to Sourcing & Negotiations - Chris is always close at hand.

Rowena Soriano in her business casual attire is posing for the camera


Legal Eagle

There's not many parts of Tomes Homes & Property Strategy that Rowena hasn't been involved in! But her genius truly comes to the forefront whenever contracts and legals are involved. In the words of Detail Dave... he'd never seen contracts so beautifully put together until he started working with Rowena!

Rose Soriano, wearing a red shirt, is smiling.


Logistics of Success

A lot of great people and processes come together to make DMA an amazing programme... and all of it is held together and made possible by Rose! Organisation, accountability, logistics - Rose keeps us all on track to make sure we are consistently taking the actions that lead to success.