What you do when it feels like everything is against you.  

When you are trying to get your first buy-to-let mortgage and brokers laugh in your face.  

When you overstretch yourself and take on too many things and hit debilitating burnout.  

When builders screw you over and put timeframes and budgets and YOU under huge pressure.  

When valuers down value your project, and banks reduce their promised LTV massively impacting the deal.  

In these instances (and many more) you have a choice…  

Either you give up.  

Or you FIGHT.  

You don’t take no for an answer! You find that last fragment of creativity and energy and you go looking for solutions.  

Don’t get stuck in the way you are ‘meant to do things’ – find YOUR OWN way of doing things.  

Broker laughs in your face? Keep searching for the right broker! They are out there.  

Burnout? Give yourself a break, and then get back up and keep going (but take steps to reduce likelihood of this happening again!)  

Builders consistently letting you down? Get on site and graft to get the job done (see photographic evidence in this post!)  

Down Vals and reduced LTV’s? Find a different surveyor! Different bank! Complain!  

The biggest factor towards Success in property in my opinion?  

You just keep going.  

You keep fighting.  

You are around long enough for all the hard work you have put in to this point to pay off.  

You can do this. Don’t give up!

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