Read this if at times you feel like you have you lost your motivation and drive for property.  

It's NORMAL. But that doesn't mean you should 'put up' with it.  

You are probably putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself. That is stressful.  

As humans, we are not designed to deal with stress over a prolonged period of time. If you keep doing it and don't allow yourself some space occasionally it will lead you to Burn Out (I've been there twice and bought the t-shirt!).  

Look after yourself in the same way you look after your business! If you have property or business mentors, then think about the equivalent for your health.  

For me it's been two wonderful people in Thanet that I owe my mental and physical wellbeing to:  

Stacey Rochelle (from Thanet & Kent Chiropractic) for the physical wellbeing (which has of course improved my mental wellbeing!) Andrew Matthews (from Comprehensive Relational Counselling & Psychotherapy) for my mental & emotional wellbeing  

Thanks to these two people I have gone from varying levels of exhausted, anxious, regularly getting ill, drained, unmotivated, hugely self-critical and scared of the judgement of others... to energised, healthy, inspired, excited, present and free!  

If you have lost your motivation - you CAN get it back, but you are probably going to have to start by looking after YOU first.  

If you can relate to any of the above please find your versions of these two people - they will help to free you to become the best version of yourself.  

In the mood for more strategic thinking?

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