Market Predictions Part 2: Future Impact on the Market

At the moment most people are looking at how the market is going to affect them and their business right now, but we also need to look ahead at what we think will be happening towards the end of this year and in to 2021 so we can start making plans ahead of time.

These are some of the factors we are currently assessing and expecting to have an impact on the market / our property business as we progress through this crisis...

- Lockdown Round 2: in the Autumn are we likely to see a resurgence in the virus, so seems there could be another round of tighter restrictions still to come in 2020...When we combine this with...

- Transition for Brexit: in the final quarter the transition for Brexit will come to an end which will result in further uncertainty for investment. 

It seems the end of 2020 could be a bumpy one!

- Once Brexit completes in 2021: this will bring more certainty, so we expect this to have a positive effect on the market.


- Vaccine not until 2021: from everything we are reading, we are unlikely to have a vaccine for Covid-19 until mid-2021, and then once we do have it, it's going to take time to make its way into the population. So there is plenty of uncertainty and social distancing ahead of us from what we can tell!

What other factors do you think will impact the property market over the next 12-18 months? Leave us a message in our Contacts page!

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