How do you run a property business whilst you are travelling around the world every 6-weeks for weeks or months at a time?!  

portable printerHere’s my top 4 Tools, that sit as part of a wider framework of systems & processes for making this happen. It’s all about ensuring property transactions and business can still continue in your absence.  

1 – Sign Now This is a fantastic app that you can use to be able to electronically sign documents – so you can do this wherever you are in the world!  

2 – A Portable Printer & Tiny Scanner Now as brilliant as electronic signing is… and as much sense as it makes to us… most of the financial and legal world do not yet agree!! And banks and solicitors LOVE a GOOD WET SIGNATURE. So for these instances you’ll need a portable printer (check this out in action in the photo). You can fit this in your suitcase and take it wherever you go!  

For those instances you have to send the original, then you’ll have to find a good old fashioned Post Office wherever you are! Always an adventure.  

For those instances where they are not happy with an e-signature, but are happy with a scan (makes so little sense to me!) then a great app to use alongside your printer is Tiny Scanner. You can use your phone camera to create PDF scans which you can then email. Brilliant.  

3 – Virtual Office Being able to receive mail wherever you are in the world is key to this life! If you don’t have a physical office yourself with a receptionist that can send you mail, then this is a great (and much more cost effective!) alternative.  

With a Virtual Office, you get your mail sent directly to a specific office address where there is a receptionist who receives your post daily. You can then add on the service of them opening, scanning in and emailing your post to you! We have a specific post email account that it all gets sent to, and then there is a process for post getting distributed to the right person in the team and electronically saved on the online filing system. This is great because it means you still get your post in ‘real time’ so you can still have things being processed whilst you are away (using the a combination of Sign Now, your Portable Printer and Tiny Scanner).  

4 – Online Filing Cabinet Getting no 3 in place is the first step to making this happen – having all your documents electronically saved and available. Then no matter what random question may come up while you are away, you know you’ll be able to get your hands on the paperwork that can answer it! We use One Drive, and have a very clear process for where everything gets saved so you can actually find things 😉  

This is just a snippet of one of the areas that you need the right tools, systems and processes in place in order for your business to be scalable and able to work around your life!  

Want to know more about the other areas? That’s exactly why we’ve created the Property Strategy Systems Masterclass so we can help with EVERY AREA. It’s a 12-week online course that we have recently launched. We’ve got a fantastic launch offer that expires this week – want to know more? Just comment below or send me a message.  

Here’s to the non-sexy systems that provide you with the ability to live the #HolidayEvery6Weeks lifestyle! Yeaaaaahhhh!!

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