Life Lessons from Buffet


Not everyone wants to build an epic business. Not everyone wants to have a massive property business. But there’s a lot of stuff out there encouraging you to go out there and smash it! To go hard or go home! Or to 10 X it! Whilst that is right for some people (albeit I actually think a relatively small number of people) what I find that most of the business owners that I serve want (and indeed what we wanted when we started) wasn’t an epic business.  

It was 6.5 years ago that we were away on a holiday skiing in the French Alps and Dave & I sat there just thinking that we didn’t want to have to go back to work! We just wanted to be able to go on adventures to go on holidays and to generally have an amazing life, which we didn’t have the freedom to do at that time.  

It was that moment that was what set us out in property and to actually building this business… but it has been so very hard to hang onto that driving force and that reason. We’ve been swept up in other peoples’ versions of success more than once, and have ended up on the path to building some massive business that we just don’t want, but that many are telling us we should have!  

Don’t forget why you started! For us we started because we wanted to have more holidays and more adventures, and I’m so grateful that we are living the life where this is our reality. But it REALLY didn’t happen by accident – we didn’t just hope for it, and then one day it magically appeared. It has been so many small day-to-day decisions compounded to get to this point.  

So if you want to go hard or go home or if you want to have a massive business, if that is what your vision is, for go for it. But if that doesn’t resonate with you, know that it does not have to be like that. You can find your own way to make sure you’ve got the business that gives you the lifestyle that you want.  

Now I’ve got a caveat! That this doesn’t mean that if you’re just starting out in property you can just think I’m just gonna take it easy right now and from day one I’m gonna be able to go on holiday every six weeks… you have to put in the hard work first of all! If you’ve already got a job and you want to find another stream of income to replace that job you’re gonna have to work harder at first before it gets better… But don’t keep working hard indefinitely if that isn’t what you genuinely want – make sure you stop and actually start enjoying it at some point.  

So there you go… don’t 10x it if you don’t want… to don’t smash it if you don’t want to… go out there and build a business that is serving you and your reasons for actually starting this in the first place. Sounds so fricking obvious… but in reality it is hard to achieve, unless you really focus on and prioritise it.

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