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Building an AWESOME TEAM with Wealth Dynamics!

Wealth Dynamics is an amazing personality profiling tool to help you understand the people you work with (and yourselves!). It can be a complete game-changer when it comes to understanding your team and who will thrive in different roles.

There are 8 profiles:

  • Creator
  • Star
  • Supporter
  • Deal Maker
  • Trader
  • Accumulator
  • Lord
  • Mechanic.

The ideal Team should have all 8 areas covered, and this should mean everyone is in their element, supported by the rest of the team who are also in their element... happiness!

Thinking specifically about the Lettings side of a property business as an example, how do you build a team that can effectively work together to deliver an amazing service?

If you already have a team around you, you will probably already have one or two people that will ‘tick the boxes’ for what you need, but if their workload is about to increase if you are taking on your own lettings - you are going to have to take some new members on!  So, what is the best way to decide what areas may be lacking in your team and what kind of people should you be bringing on board? Our answer . . . WEALTH DYNAMICS!

If you are a Creator or Star, you need to have people behind you who are more systems/process driven, like Mechanic / Lord / Accumulator.  An Accumulator is what you really need when it comes to things like voids because they are hot on timing which is key for things like this which a very time sensitive.  Relationships are also really important, and this is best to be someone who's skill set and flow lies in this area (which will normally be a different person to the one who's managing the ongoing operation of the systems & processes) - Star / Supporter / Deal Maker will be stronger in this area.

Our team is really strong on the ongoing management of systems & processes, but I've always been the one driving the creation of processes. It's reached the point in the business that I can't drive this any more... enter Lizzie! Who is really skilled at the creation of new systems & processes, and has done an incredible job of setting this all up - far better than I ever could've done.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

 Making sure you absolutely have the best team around you will be a real positive game changer for your business and is SO worth investing your time to.

 We use the WD tool this as part of our hiring process for all sides of the business, and we’ve also found it helpful to share our profiles across the team so we are all able to learn how each person works.

If you have any more questions about Wealth Dynamics, leave us a comment in our Contact Us page!

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