How should you manage your TIME as you SCALE?

Here's a little excerpt from our new, super awesome, 60 page, Scalability Score Report that may give some clarification for you...

"Your Time:

 This section is all about what you are doing with your time, and the actions you are taking to pull away from the day-to-day operations so that you can focus more on the strategical tasks that will enable you to scale. The challenges in this area tend to be very different for everyone. For some it can be really hard to delegate as they dislike handing over responsibility, always feeling that they could just do it better themselves. For others, it’s easy to delegate but then there’s no process for monitoring how things are going, which means that delegation quickly becomes abdication.  

 In the end, whatever the challenge is for you, your primary objective should always be to consider your own time as a precious commodity that needs to be spent carefully and wisely. In order to scale, you will need to find ways to manage your schedule so that however busy your business becomes, there is always some time left over to spend on the strategic growth tasks such as process creation, systemisation and strategical planning (basically everything in this report). This is the only way to enable true scalability

 The good news is that once your team grows large enough, then you won’t be the only one having to create the systems anymore as your team will also be able to do this for you. Once this starts happening you’ve reached the beginnings of exponential growth!"  

If you're interested to find out more about what the next steps you should be taking in your business to better manage your time and ensure you are using it most effectively to be better able to SCALE, then look out for our Scalability Score Test launching on Monday next week!

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