The Evolution of Ski Season Dream

A lesson in dreaming big and not accepting second best, and celebrating the success of 2020!  

Starting 2020 with our favourite activity got me contemplating about how our business and life goals have been achieved through the years...  

2010: A decade ago I was trying to figure out a way to wrangle doing a ski season. I decided the best way to make this work was to go out there and get work as a chalet maid. The excited words about this eventually disappeared in a sea of working and studying…  

2013: 7 years ago I filed a week of annual leave from my job in market research with a ski holiday. On this holiday I decided that in the absence of the coveted ski season I was going to find a way in my life to have MORE ski holidays. I was going to build a property portfolio to make this a reality. Didn’t know how, but I was going to find out.  

2014: A year of learning and saving later we had the next ski holiday… the progress had been EPIC (not) - I had not even managed to agree the purchase of ONE investment property.  

2015: Another week of annual leave spent on a ski holiday where we CREAKED under the weight of the 4 or 5 properties we were buying. It was a very stressful ‘holiday’ where we spent a huge amount of it working.  

2016: That first magical ski holiday where I didn’t have to ASK FOR PERMISSION!! I’d quit my job thanks to property, and whilst the holiday was still a short one, I didn’t get the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when we had to head home again.  

2017: We skipped a year as we went on our Honeymoon instead, promising ourselves to work towards something BIGGER next year instead…  

2018: …and we lived up to our promise… buying our FIRST EVER ANNUAL SEASON ticket!! 4 weeks skiing. I must admit I cried with joy. The hard work, sacrifice and stress was paying off.  

2019: And 2018 was so good that we did it again. A Season Ticket and this time 5.5 weeks on the pistes!!  

And now to 2020…  

Oh 2020! You’ve really done it this time.  

A decade of dreams in the making.  

10 FRICKIN’ WEEKS SKIING. TEN! 10 10 10 10 10.  

The stress. The disappointments. The tears! The let downs and the seemingly constant need to pick yourself back up from the depths of exhaustion to be able to keep going. The knockbacks. The disapproval. The trolling. The judgements…. (I could go on)  

They are all so. worth. going. through.  

We’ve FOCUSED so hard. Doggedly refining our business model and ruthlessly saying no to anything that doesn’t fit. We’ve built strategic routines that have enabled us to Systemise, which has in term enabled us to do more deals. And as we’ve done more deals we’ve been able to hire amazing team members. Which has enabled us to start niching down our roles and release us from doing EVERYTHING.  

Systems. Strategy. Systems. Strategy. Systems. Strategy.  

I’d do it all again…  

I’d do it all again for the Freedom. For the feeling that you can achieve whatever you put your mind-to, because you’ve proved it to yourself through all the shit.  

So, this 2020 how are you working towards your goals and what are you willing to do to achieve them in this year and beyond?  

We are celebrating achieving our success in January 2020 with a 20+20 promotion on our awesome Strategy and Systems products that are all designed to help others achieve the same!  

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Let us help you Design your ideal life, a business plan to make it happen, and then discover the DETAIL you need to bring it all to life. And with the ongoing support of the Property Strategy Community, you can begin to untangle your confusion, overcome any overwhelm and start to truly achieve both your business and lifestyle goals!  

So, begin now and share with us your current challenges and let us know what do you want to achieve by the end of 2020?

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