Scale-Up & Step-Back: Seven Key Strategic Methods for Seven Years

Being able to go away skiing for 10 Weeks does not happen just because you work your ass off. You have to STRATEGICALLY work your ass off!!!  

Going from working full-time, to saving up to buy the first investment property, to working with investors and doing more deals, to building a team around you, to parts of your business working without your constant involvement and to financially supporting you and the rest of the team... well it doesn't happen overnight!  

A couple of years after we started we got to the point of complete overwhelm. We were doing what every different investor and guru told us to do and it wasn't working. We were just getting busier and busier and putting ourselves under more and more risk.  

We realised that following the GO HARD OR GO HOME approach... was actually putting us at risk of GO HARD AND GO BUST!! 

It was only when we realised that the answer was not at the end of yet another course on another niche of property investing! It wasn't at the back of another networking event. It wasn't at the end of another pointless seeming Facebook post. 

The answer was to stop going WIDE and learning MORE, but insta was to go DEEP. Go deep into the depths of what we were already doing and expand our business strategy and knowledge of how to systemise what we already had.  

It's been 7 years since the dream of financial freedom from property was born. And 5 years since we realised that real success is achieved through proper business strategy, structure and systems.  

So in recognition of this moment of finally achieving complete freedom, here are our 7 Key (no bullshit) Methods we've used to actually arrive at the point the business works for us, and can allow us to live out the dream we had when we started (ski season!)...  

Perfect your Partnerships: Know your Values – know what you stand for and build your business around these. This can then inform who you hire (and fire) from a team perspective, what clients you are going to enjoy working with and what JV partners are going to have the best chance of success. Your gut might be giving you clues already about your Values and helping to flag up when you might be making bad people related choices, but until you really define these and turn them into something actionable it's very unlikely you'll take the right action on them.  

Fast-Track Results with Focus – make sure you know why you are doing what you are doing! What is the outcome that you are looking for? This will bring huge clarity to the day-to-day strategic & op&rational decisions you need to make  

Structure for Success: Define the Core Business Functions – if your business was started without thinking about this, then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed due to the chaos that is around you! Define what the different facets of your business are, and you can then design systems, processes and team around them. It will take some implementation, but once done you will start to feel in control and a lot calmer!  

Maximise Cashflow with Passion 😉 : Understand your Strengths – what are you good at, and what do you love to do? If you don't know the answer it's time to start digging! Start crafting the role you play in your business around your strengths, and plan out your hiring around this. Build your team to have strength where you are weak and you'll start to be able to release yourself from the tasks that drain you... providing the ability to make yourself even more BRILLIANT where you are naturally inclined to excel.  

Accelerate Productivity: Refine Roles & Respo&sibilities – as your team grows, make sure you keep defining and refining roles. It will keep shifting and adjusting as you continue to grow. If you want to be able to be free to focus on being a great leader (and to actually get your life back again!) then those around you need (and want!) to know what they can take charge of. Enable autonomy for both your team and yourself by spending time on this. NB. Making time for this is really, REALLY hard if you are running around fighting fires all the time, so it probably won't happen straight away.  

Switch off to Scale-Up: Communication Clarity – how do those that you work with get in touch with you? When are you available / unavailable? You need to sometimes be unavailable because otherwise your head will explode and/or you will never get the really important stuff done (like working on your strategic actions)! Decide your communication channels and your rules for how you use them. Switch off unnecessary notifications to help you manage your 'clear headspace' time.  

Optimise your Innovation: Get Creative – when you start to fill your day with tasks you enjoy and clear your headspace from consistent queries from those you work with... don't just fill it with more work! Used the time and headspace you've created to be CREATIVE. Get away from your phone, computer and social media and allow your brain to wonder. The best new ideas and solutions come from the times your brain is allowed to roam. You owe it to your team and your business to make time for this.  

These 7 Strategic Methods under-promise and over-deliver. They genuinely get you to the place that you can live out your wildest dreams. We have LIVED &&BREATHED these, and it WORKS.  

If you want to be able to do this too, then we have packaged up our key learnings that have brought us from ZERO 7-Years ago, to 10 Weeks on the Ski Slopes in 2020 – we call it the Property Strategy Method.  

To celebrate the success of this PROPERTY STRATEGY METHOD bringing us to this point in 2020, we are offering 20+20 = 40% off the price of our Property Strategy Retreat & our Systems Masterclass until 31st January.  

Property Strategy Retreat: Design your ideal life, and a full business plan to make it happen

  • - 3 intensive days working ON your business. - Craft your business plan for growth and success - Ensure you are able to scale your business super-fast and super-efficiently.  

This is a small and elite room of only 4-6 businesses! Next date is 7-9 Feb and we have space for just 1 more business to attend. Acceptance is by application only - click the link to complete your application form now.:  

Systems Masterclass: go ‘Under the hood' on every single one of the Tomes Homes structures, systems, and processes that enable us to go on holiday every 6 weeks, or skiing for 10 weeks, or in fact whatever level of freedom you could want.

  • - 16 Week Online Programme – giving detailed guidance on setting up the systems for scalability and success in Property - Step-by-step guide through the 5-Pillars of the Property Strategy Method - Removal of any mystery around 'Systems', 'Leverage', and ‘Processes' and what this means for a property business so that you know the full DETAIL of how to do this  

Next start date is w/c 3rd February (other dates throughout 2020 too if preferable). Click here to enrol now:  

If turning your property investing into a SYSTEMISED BUSINESS that works for you, is something that you are ready for, then we would love to be of service.  

And if you'd like to celebrate with us this January 2020, then (until 31st January) you can save 40% in the process! Strategy, Systems AND Savings 😉  

Let's do this.  

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