About Jackie Tomes

The Property Strategist

I’m going to take you back to the year 2013, when a young(er) Jackie Tomes was sitting in a small apartment in the French Alps, wishing more than anything that her amazing Ski holiday didn’t have to end. Dreaming of a life where awesome holidays didn’t always come to an end with that same sinking feeling of dread, at the prospect of returning home to a full-time job working for someone else.

This was the day that I decided to no longer allow my life to be controlled by others and instead to pursue the freedom, money and time I would need to start living life on my own terms

What was my prime motivator for wanting to walk away from my decently paid and very stable job as a Qualitative Market Researcher…? Primarily holidays (and lots of them)! I wanted to be able to go on adventures with my husband Dave and explore the world during my limited time on this planet… and I wanted to do it in at least a bit of style!

After a bit of deliberation, I came to the realisation that the most money I’d ever made (with the least amount of time and effort) was by just owning my own home and living in it… It seemed like property may well be the perfect way to achieve the awesome life that I dreamed of.

This led to the creation of Tomes Homes and through a huge amount of learning, saving, effort, time, mentoring, leaps of faith, some more effort, a little bit of stress and a heck of a lot of tenacity, we’ve subsequently built up a £6M portfolio (from scratch) in under 6 years before I even reached the ripe old age of 30.

I’m now very proud to say that even whilst running a successful property business, my new life is 100% on my own terms and no-one tells me what to do, where to go or how long I can spend on holiday (except maybe Dave sometimes!). We now have the freedom I dreamed of to be able to live and work from anywhere in the world.

But don’t get me wrong, arriving at this awesome lifestyle wasn’t without its frustrations, low points and challenges!! 

You see, what I learned is that the key to actually achieving the dream wasn’t in the amount of time and effort I put in, how tenacious I was or even how good I was at finding great property deals. But instead it was by learning how to work SMART, thinking ahead, looking at where I really wanted to go and never losing sight of that end goal in every single decision and plan that we made.

 And this key has a name… STRATEGY.

 We came to understand something that was right in front of our faces, but we just hadn’t realised it yet. By buying all of these properties we weren’t just building ourselves a portfolio, we were actually building a BUSINESS and as such we needed to treat it like a business! Or else instead of building an amazing dream lifestyle where the business worked for us, we would end up with just another JOB for ourselves and spend all of our time working for the business.

 It was through this realisation that we have created our own methodology which is now being used by 100’s of investors to accelerate their property investing goals - the Property Strategy Method.

 By combining business strategy with our own experience of exactly how to systemise and scale-up a successful property business, we have crafted a unique method that helps investors to gain massive FOCUS, create systemised STRUCTURE and enables complete EFFICIENCY as they scale and best of all, it has been designed to give you that awesome lifestyle that you always wanted.

 So, if like me, you want to discover the shortcuts and learn the easiest route to your goals, then this report will give you the blueprint you need to remove any overwhelm, gain clarity and accelerate your business growth.

 It’s time to start making your business truly scalable!

 Jackie Tomes, the Property Strategist

Founder & CEO of the Tomes Homes Group