Remove your financial blockage to doing more deals...

  • Structure deals to work with investors
  • Pipeline Process taking investors from showing interest to actually investing
  • Offer confidently on deals knowing the money is already secured

This event is for you if...

  • You find yourself hesitating to talk to estate agents or book in viewings because you don't know where the funds are coming from
  • You agree a deal and then have a stressful few weeks whilst you try to scrabble around to find the funds (annoying the estate agent / vendor in the process!)
  • You keep clearing out your own bank account to fund deals, and then find yourself in a cash crunch when unexpected costs occur
  • You find that potential investors who show interest in investing with you go quiet when you present them with a deal

An intensive event that will help you understand how to raise finance so that you can remove your financial blockage to doing deals.





Next Dates:

15th July 2024 (Monday), 8.45am to 3.00pm

10th Sept 2024 (Tuesday), 8.45am to 3.00pm


Zoom Meeting

Early Bird discount:

25% off when booking at least

3 weeks before the event -

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(From £299 to £224.25)


This event will share how with you how to...

  • Remove the finance blockage to doing deals so investors quickly agree to fund your deals when you find them
  • Have BOTH deals and investors lined up at the same time
  • Pre-qualify investors - line up the money so you are ready to move fast on deals when you find them (even if you haven't found them yet!)
  • Elegantly take an investor from saying they are interested to actually investing in your deals (and avoiding the tyre kickers along the way)
  • Structure deals in the right way to create a cashflowing strategy (for you) - even when there are funds 'left in' your deals

At the end of the event, you will walk away with a strategy that will help you improve your cashflow & fund your next deal even before you have them.

Stop chasing your tail and worrying where the money will come from, and unleash yourself to do as many deals as you need to do to achieve your cashflow goals.

We will dispel the myths, including...

  • "Find the great deals and the money will come" (and why we wasted so much time trying to prove that this was right... it wasn't)
  • Why you shouldn't just "send over deals" to interested investors when you find them (even if they INSIST)
  • Why 'sourcing to investors specifications' will sabotage your progress (and that there's a much better way)

Learn from investors who have gone from scraping together the funds for the first £16k deposit, to funding millions of pounds of property deals (£16M and counting) confident in the knowledge that the funds are always there and ready to go. 

What should you expect from this online event?

  • Live & small group | Open Q&A
  • Tried & tested investor pipeline process that we've used to raise £6M+ and agree all funds BEFORE the deal
  • FCA regulation clear understanding and practical application
  • Investment structures- equity, debt, mortgage lending impact, leverage, exits, 'money left in' maximising ROCE...
  • Golden nugget of structuring investments to cashflow your growth
  • Professionalise your finance raising - come across credibly to potential investors



David Wigram, Managing Director of Tomes Homes

a.k.a 'Detail Dave'

  • Has raised over £6M of investor finance for property deals using the Property Strategy ‘Raising Finance Formula
  • Advises over £50M of property businesses through his ‘Portfolio Cashflow Optimiser’ service - a bespoke property portfolio reporting methodology designed to enable property business owners to take control of their finances, make better business decisions and increase their profit margins
  • Has successfuly supported £100M+ of other property businesses, enabling them to do more deals, raise more finance and achieve their own dream lifestyles
David Wigram-Tomes, Deal Maker Accelerator DMA Mentor


Founder & CEO Tomes Homes

a.k.a 'The Property Strategist'

  • Has grown her initial purchase of £108.5k to £16M+ worth of deals done to date - her portfolio focused mainly on block of flats strategy
  • Spoken at over 200 property events, is a world record holding public speaker, featured multiple times in YPN magazine, and in two Amazon No 1 bestselling books
  • Developed the #holidayevery6weeks lifestyle - Jackie spends most of her time travelling the world and focusing on growing her own property business - so this is a rare opportunity to have her with us
  • Created Business Strategies for over 100 property businesses – and is here to share how we too can Focus, Raise Finance, Do More Deals and create FREEDOM - with this ready-made strategy for scaling up your property business.


Highly Accredited Business Coach

a.k.a 'Peak Performance Coach'

  • A qualified SFEDI Business and Skills Adviser, and ILM Coach and Mentor with over 5000 hours of experience diagnosing needs, coaching and mentoring over 2500 Small business leaders in the last 18 years
  • Qualified in multiple personal profile analysis tools, such as DISC, Harrison Assessments, Wealth Dynamics, Motivational Mapping and Growth Mapping
  • Coaches and mentors 10-20 business leaders every week, holding them accountable, ensuring they remain focused on their strategic goals and have the necessary skills and head space to deliver results
Headshot of Dominic Beecheno

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