A 12-month property business accelerator programme based on a tried & tested, ready-made strategy to doing more deals, raising more finance, and scaling up a business whilst working less hours

Jackie Tomes and her co-mentors - Dom and Dave, will enable you to achieve your dream lifestyle through property - by taking a systemised approach that will allow you to find clarity and focus around your business model, so you can scale up your business without the overwhelm and burnout. Take back your time and start enjoying the fruits of your labor while scaling up your property business at the same time.

Propel yourself towards property success and your dream lifestyle now!


DOUBLE YOUR PROPERTY DEALS WHILE WORKING LESS, and achieve the life you dreamed of when you started property!

Build a property business, and then travel the world! Sounds like a great plan right?

Well not so much if you find yourself overwhelmed, struggling to focus & prioritise, and ruled by a never-ending to-do list... you might be starting to think that it's impossible.

Spinning too many plates at once...

Lack of focus....

Spread too thin...

Ruled by a never-ending to-do list...

Working all hours under the sun...

Burn out...

As a property investor, these are some situations that you find yourself familiar with. It may be firsthand experience, or the experiences of someone you've worked with before - the bottomline is that running a property business can be extremely tough and overwhelming, especially when you're trying to scale up your business.

With so many opportunities to make money in property, it's often tempting to want to get your hands into every opportunity that comes your way for Fear of Missing Out. But FOMO is a dangerous motivator, and can mean you waste A LOT of time trying out property strategies that don't really serve you - and are probably also a beautiful distractor from you cracking on and doing the high value work in your business that is going to lead to MORE DEALS!

This all boils down to the LACK OF FOCUS AND CLARITY.

Without clearly identifying THE business model that serves you and your goals, you run the risk of getting distracted at every turn of your property journey, which might lead you to overwhelm and burn out.

This all sounds so daunting....

Scaling up sounds too difficult and impossible...

But let me tell you that there is a better way... if you are


Deal Maker Accelerator Programme's tried & tested, ready-made strategy for raising finance and doing more deals will lead you to a path that directly gets you out of the chaos that is property.


Scale up and do more deals with less of your time...


Clarify your Property Business Scale-up Plan.

  • Stop doing too many things and spinning too many plates, and choose what Property Strategy to focus on
  • Define what type of investor works best for you
  • Clarify best structure and exit strategy for your deals


Do more property deals with less of your time.

  • Find more good deals, streamlined deal analysis and more offers in and more deals secured without the pain
  • Never-ending to-do list cut in half and get your evenings & weekends back
  • Take an easier path to delegation and systemisation so that you don't have to do everything!


Raise more investor finance.

  • Money lined up and ready to go for your deals
  • Quick agreement from your investors when deals are agreed
  • Pipeline of Deals that meet yours/your investors' criteria
Hannah and George of Dugard Property talks about how the Deal Maker Accelerator Programme helped them focus on a property strategy that allowed them to do more deals.
Natasha Friend of Friend Property Group talks about how the Deal Maker Accelerator Programme helped her raise investor finance.


Why did you decide to start investing in property?

Most property investors start out with a particular dream in mind.

For Jackie and Dave, founders of Property Strategy, it's living the #HolidayEvery6Weeks lifestyle that they've created for themselves. That means having the freedom to travel anytime, anywhere without having to ask for anyone's permission, AND being able to run their business anywhere in the world.

For some of our Deal Maker Accelerator clients, it's having the time, energy and financial freedom to spend quality time with their loved ones, doing the things they love and creating memories that can last them a lifetime.




However, with so many inspiring success stories in the property circle, it's easy to get sucked into these property strategies that can give you great returns, each one seemingly better and pulling in way higher profit margins than the one you're currently doing.

While this doesn't necessarily sound like a bad thing, oftentimes saying yes to every opportunity may do you more harm than good. You risk spreading yourself too thin as you're spinning too many plates at once, firefighting your way through the problems that need your immediate attention.

You take on so many things and lose more free time in the process, pulling you further and further away from living the life you've always dreamed of.

You end up getting tired and exhausted, and you begin to lose sight of why you started your property business in the first place.

Sound familiar?

If this is something that you're currently experiencing, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Jackie and our DMA clients have been in your shoes. They lost sight of their vision, and struggled with the overwhelm and burnout from taking on too many things at once.

But with the help of the Deal Maker Accelerator programme and its ready-made strategy to doing more deals and raising finance,

they were able to find their focus and clarity, and create an

easier path towards the life they've always dreamed of.

Our Story

Getting to the level of clarity in our property business that we now have has been so hard, and has taken a huge amount of discipline.

We've experienced burnout multiple times. Been let down by so many people in the industry. There have been struggles to get to sleep and mornings waking up early because we were WORRYING about some element of the business.


But has it been worth it? For me, a thousand times yes.

We've grown our property portfolio from the humble £130k first deal in 2014 to over £15M deals done, and have raised over £4.2M in investor finance to make it all possible.

What's more- Dave and I have created a powerhouse team that enable us to run our property business ANYWHERE in the world.

We've created the right life for us, and it's given us a life of freedom and choice.

Let me tell you that there is a path that directly gets you out of the chaos that is property, but you have to be ready to be doing things differently.

Our Deal Maker Accelerator programme is the result of tens of thousands of hours of experience, pains, learning and realisations!

We are bringing together the golden nuggets that will make your property journey so much quicker, easier...so that you can start living the life you dreamed of when you started doing property.





  • Complete clarity on your business model and strategy.
  • Well systemised pipeline of quality investors.
  • Balance out sourcing and cash flow.
  • Improve deal flow.
  • A process that ensures you are getting consistent deal flow with minimal time and effort.



The Deal Maker Accelerator Programme will help you solve the 3 biggest problems property investors face when wanting to consistently do more property deals.

  • Not moving fast enough to secure deals
  • Lack of finance lined up to do more deals
  • Overwhelm from spinning too many plates

First, we get clear on your property strategy so that you know exactly what types of deals you need to secure. The biggest issue most face is they have diversified their property strategies to the point that they aren’t clear on what deals they are actually looking for. So every opportunity that passes over their desk needs careful consideration, which takes too long, and then the opportunities that do fit pass them by because they haven’t moved fast enough to analyse and secure them.

To fix this, here’s what we’ll do:

  • We’ll start by selecting a clear property strategy to focus on. We’ll make sure that what you choose is aligned with your knowledge, skills, experience, time and cashflow objectives for the year ahead.
  • From this focused strategy, we’ll define clear deal criteria to inform exactly what deals you need to source and agree.
  • By becoming a specialist in one property strategy, you will know which deals you should be focused on and which you can ignore – and you can spend time sourcing more of the right type of deals.

The result? You’ll know exactly what a deal looks like for you so you can snap up opportunities AND you’ll know how many of them you need to secure to hit your cashflow goals.

The second problem we’ll solve is the lack of finance lined up to fund the deals you find. This is because it’s really hard to line up finance from investors when you don’t know what sort of deals you want them to invest in! It’s virtually impossible to get an investor lined up in advance when you can’t clearly articulate what types of deals they can invest in and what return on investment they can expect.

  • First up, we’ll take a detailed look at your deal criteria to understand how these types of deals can work with investors – what are the options available and what works best for you based on your cashflow goals.
  • Next, we’ll make a decision on the ideal deal structure and what this means for an investor – so you can be confident in the returns you can offer and be confident in your exit from the deal (before you’ve even got a live deal on the table!).
  • Then you can use this information as part of your early investor meetings to set expectations with investors, find out early on who is genuinely interested to invest, and get pre-agreement on them investing in a deal – so you can separate the serious investors from the tyre kickers.

With this in place, you’ll be able to line up the cash for your next property deal before you’ve even had the deal secured. That way, you can get offers in without the sleepless nights worrying about where you are going to find the finance from in order not to let the vendor/estate agent down if they say yes.

The third big problem is “overwhelm” from spinning too many plates – getting pulled in too many different directions, losing focus and never having any time for yourself. We want to put processes in place that mean as you scale and do more deals you don’t have to work more, but can actually work less, get your life back AND make better decisions because you have a clear head.

  • First, we make sure you’ve got simple to use deal and investor pipelines in place to make sure it’s easy to keep track of the high priority deals and investors – and what you need to do next to get them across the line.
  • Then we put clear KPI’s in place to ensure you are focused on the income generating tasks (ie. More investors! More deals!) on a day-to-day basis, and don’t get distracted firefighting urgent issues.
  • Finally, we keep the right balance order & chaos with a simple process for task management that prevents overwhelm and makes sure you know what the NEXT priority is.

The end result is that you’ll do more deals! You’ll attract more of the right opportunities and be able to QUICKLY secure and fund them – without worrying about letting vendors/estate agents down because you can’t raise the finance quick enough. No more believing in the false hope that “find great deals and the money will come!”

How much does the 12-month programme cost?


£12,940* for one person, vat inclusive


*We will be increasing our programme price to £13,940 starting 6th April 2024

The cost is divided into two payments:

  • 75% - 1st payment to join the programme
  • 25% - 2nd payment linked to your business results

Payment options:


75% - £8,734.50


  • £1000 advance deposit to secure your place
  • The advance deposit will be deducted from the balance
  • Balance of £7,734.50 to be due on or before intake week

25% - £2,911.50 - is only due once the programme has given you a 200% return on the first payment through increased cashflow.

Total: £11,646 for the programme


75% - £9,705 spread over 12 months


  • £1000 deposit to secure your place if starting at least one month after sign-up, deductible from the total balance, balance to be payable in 12 months from intake month
  • £725.42 pcm for Month 1-12 onwards.


  • £1493.08 on the first month (2 months payment)
  • and £746.54 for Month 2-12.

25% - £3,235 - is only due once the programme has given you a 200% return on the first payment through increased cashflow.

Total: £12,940 for the programme

NOTE: Business partners are welcome to join for a 50% charge!

Ginny and Jeremy of Sowena Property talks about how the DMA programme helped them scale up their property business.
Lee Moffatt of Elm Property recommends the Deal Maker Accelerator Programme to property investors who need help on how to structure their property business.

NOTICE: WE ARE FULL! Next earliest programme intake date is May 2024. If you would like to be shortlisted, click the button below to register your interest.

Deal Maker Accelerator (DMA) is a 95% Virtual Programme - maximise efficiency of your time, accelerate your progress from anytime, anywhere.

Get 1-2-1 support from Jackie & Dave, the founders of Tomes Homes as they practice what they preach - growing their systemised property business whilst travelling the world!

NOTE: Most DMA sessions take place on a Wednesday, with a Tuesday as the secondary during 8am-5pm.

Any questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for immediate answers!

Or drop us a message and we'll get back to you shortly!

The transformation you'll experience

  • Clear direction and an end to being spread too thin / being pulled in multiple different directions.
  • More deals identified, analysed, offered-on and secured (no matter what the market is doing).
  • The funds lined up for your next deals from the RIGHT investors (with clarity on structure, returns, timeframes & exits).
  • Renewed energy, motivation and excitement for property.

Property Strategy's 12-month scale-up programme specifically designed for experienced property investors; only limited to just 12 new students per year for maximum personal attention.

You need to have:

  • Actively doing deals in the last 12 months
  • Experience of working with at least one investor (it could have been a friend or family member).

You will also need:

  • Track record of performing outside of your comfort zone.
  • The ability to make decisions & quickly act on them (and to be able to proactively reach out if you are struggling).
  • To take the actions we agree together - even if you are scared / busy.
  • Need to be prepared to do the stuff you hate sometimes if you know it's going to propel you forwards.
  • To be open-minded, adaptable, and take personal responsibility for your own success.
  • To be comfortable working with numbers (even if you hate them!) - basic Excel skills as a minimum.

This programme is NOT for:

  • Beginners or those with no experience of working with investors.
  • Those who are unable to make time for working ON the business (you might be firefighting right now, and that's ok, but to get out of that place you need to be able to carve out small pockets of time away from your emails / phone calls in order to get in the driving seat of your business).

What to expect from the programme?

Access to the On-Demand Strategy Centre - all the frequently encountered challenges/questions investors at your stage, answered at the click of a button, any time of the day or night.

1-2-1 Support in the process of refining and optimising your business model so you can raise more finance and do more deals. Most sessions take place on a Wednesday, with a Tuesday as the secondary during 8am-5pm.

KPI Tracking: monthly accountability session to review successes & challenges from the previous month, reset your goals for the month ahead and track results against your Key Performance Indicators

Active Community on Slack: different threads for different topics - post your challenges & questions for quick feedback and your successes so we can celebrate your wins with you.

Success Habits: weekly accountability to set & reset your key priorities and to articulate & solve your highest priority challenges - building energy and momentum towards the highest priority actions.

Ideas, Inspiration & Solving Challenges: niched group collaboration sessions arranged around the specific group challenges so you can get ideas and inspiration about better ways of doing things and best ways to move forwards.

Quarterly In-person Workshops: Maximise productivity, progress and fun (!) by reviewing strategy each quarter, and then selecting specific priorities for the quarter ahead (based on business need / challenges) - focus on getting the important stuff done and speed up progress, by focusing on less in order to achieve more. Step back from the day-to-day of your business each quarter and review, reflect and rest.


Your Coaches and Mentors

David Wigram smiles for the camera.


The Detailed One

Whenever it comes down to HOW things work from a detailed perspective... you'll find Dave is never far away! From business financials and making the business more profitable, to the most incredible deal analysis spreadsheets and structuring complex property deals (that people say won't work!) - that's Dave's genius that has built Tomes Homes alongside Jackie... and what he now brings to DMA.

Read more about Dave
Jackie Tomes smiling for the camera on a sunny day.


The Property Strategist

Jackie is the Visionary and driving force behind Tomes Homes. Her genius lies in bringing order from chaos - understanding the current context, what challenges need to be solved, and what the end goals are. By creating clarity on how to connect where we are now, with where we want to be, Jackie liberates and energises her clients to make their dreams a reality, and doesn't accept any excuses along the way.

Mindset and Wellness Coach Dominic Becheeno smiling for the camera in his business attire.


Peak Performance Coach

Dom inspires & supports our DMA clients to gain new habits to truly transform their level of achievement in all areas of life and ensuring they remain focused on their strategic goals and have the necessary skills and head space to deliver results.

Bringing years of Business Coaching Experience to the programme.

Nisha and Jas of Castlewood Homes talk about how the conveyor belt process that they are using after joining the Deal Maker Accelerator Programme has helped them remove overwhelm.
Andy Whyte of Braxted Investments talk about how the Deal Maker Accelerator programmed helped him achieve focus and clarity on his Property Strategty.

Our Clients

We've helped our clients go from juggling the never-ending to-do list, pulled in so many different directions, and stuck in the nitty gritty AND not doing enough deals.... to finding & securing multiple deals and lining up the funds for the next deals!

Get inspired and motivated by our communities' success stories, and learn how you can accelerate your own growth and achieve the life you've always dreamed of QUICKER and EASIER!

Deal Maker Accelerator Programme clients taking a wacky group photo after one of their property strategy sessions during their 3-day retreat.