Choose your property strategy and create your 1-page business plan for scaling up and doing more deals over the next 12-months 

Take you through a step-by-step strategy system – so you can get focus / clarity on how to scale your property business  


  • Complete focus on the opportunities that are right for you so that you can do more deals this year (stop wasting time chasing opportunities that aren’t right for you) 
  • Focus & clarity on how to successfully scale your property business so you can take the quicker route to growing your monthly cashflow 
  • Set up your business to ensure you will get FREEDOM & TIME to go on holiday and travel the world 
  • Create the solid foundations on which to build your strategy: know exactly where you are heading and what you are doing to get there 
  • Set up your business in a way that will enable simple systemisation so you can focus on the raising finance and securing more deals this year 



6 week on-demand self-study programme

Price: £395 (inc. VAT)

  • Module 1: Finding your Focus & Getting Clarity your Vision for Success 
  • Module 2: Strategic Foundations, Committing to Your Opportunity & Spec'ing out your Deal Criteria 
  • Module 3: Defining your Market Positioning, Crafting your Investor Avatar & Clarifying the Value you bring 
  • Module 4: Uncovering your Business Values and Building a Team Around them, and Taking a Strategic Approach to SystemisationVALUES, SYSTEMS & PROCESSES 
  • Module 5: Your Financial Management Strategy & Key Metrics to Hold you Accountable and Measure Success 
  • Module 6: Bringing together your Strategy, Implementation and Compounding!  
  • Includes: Business Model Selector – remove overwhelm and fight the shiny-penny syndrome with a step-by-step process to selecting and commiting to your property strategy 

Accelerate your journey to freedom. Choose your property strategy  and Create a business plan so you can quickly secure more deals, raise more finance & scale up your property business.



David Wigram, Managing Director of Tomes Homes

a.k.a 'Detail Dave'

  • Has raised over £6M of investor finance for property deals using the Property Strategy ‘Raising Finance Formula
  • Advises over £50M of property businesses through his ‘Portfolio Cashflow Optimiser’ service - a bespoke property portfolio reporting methodology designed to enable property business owners to take control of their finances, make better business decisions and increase their profit margins
  • Has successfuly supported £100M+ of other property businesses, enabling them to do more deals, raise more finance and achieve their own dream lifestyles
David Wigram-Tomes, Deal Maker Accelerator DMA Mentor


Founder & CEO Tomes Homes

a.k.a 'The Property Strategist'

  • Has grown her initial purchase of £108.5k to £16M+ worth of deals done to date - her portfolio focused mainly on block of flats strategy
  • Spoken at over 200 property events, is a world record holding public speaker, featured multiple times in YPN magazine, and in two Amazon No 1 bestselling books
  • Developed the #holidayevery6weeks lifestyle - Jackie spends most of her time travelling the world and focusing on growing her own property business - so this is a rare opportunity to have her with us this evening
  • Created Business Strategies for over 100 property businesses – and is here to share how we too can Focus, Raise Finance, Do More Deals and create FREEDOM - with this ready-made strategy for scaling up your property business.