We've got A's for your Q's!

Is this a property training course?

No. This is a Strategic Implementation programme. It is for property investors with experience who need tailored support, advice, guidance and ideas for the best route forward to doing more deals.  If you are looking for property education, please let us know and we can make recommendations to other providers that we trust that you can speak with.   

Will this programme help me find more investors?


Will this programme help me source more deals?


Who is this programme for?

Property investors with experience. Feel like your wheels are spinning but you aren’t going anywhere. Want to commit to a business model and then fine tune it to make it work consistently with investors.

Fire up the energy and ramp up property activity.

Get more time through focused action and a replicable business model that makes systemisation easy across the whole business. 

Accountability to continually reprioritise and focus on the most important actions and to set up KPI’s to track progress towards your goals.

Community of investors at a similar stage to you where you can get support and ideas on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

Will you give me a Kick up the bum?!

Yes! You will be pushed to take (the right) action, remove procrastination and to get out of your comfort zone in doing what it takes to generate more deal leads and have more investor meetings.  If you are looking for an easy life, don’t join this programme ;)   

How much 121 time do I get on the programme?

This programme is focused on outcomes not hours. We will solve the challenges you encounter in the most efficient way possible.

Sometimes you will experience a challenge that many others have experienced before, in which case we have On-Demand Content you can access, in other instances the best way is a 1-2-1 session. Sometimes there will be prep to do in advance to ensure we can get maximum results from the time we spend together.

Depending on the challenge you are facing, when a 1-2-1 session is the best answer you will be directed to the best member of the team to help in that area.  For example, Jackie for Strategic Support, Dave for Detailed Deal Analysis / Finance Support and Dom for Mindset.  We will always link you up with the best person who can help with the specific challenge you are experiencing.

We haven’t set a specific number of hours of 1-2-1 support, as we are motivated by you achieving RESULTS in the most efficient way possible. So if the best way to support this is a 1-2-1 session - we will do this.   

I need to systemise my property business, is this programme for me?

What we often find is that at a certain point, property investors feel completely overwhelmed and time poor, and so the next thought is that now is the time to systemise and hire.

HOWEVER, many property investors at this point are not at the point of having sufficient cashflow to be able to put attention on non-Income Generating Tasks & hiring people. And actually what is required at this point is to FOCUS on doing LESS.

To really nail down the business model (and let go of the rest), to really be clear what kind of deals you want to do (and to let go of the rest) and to really know what kind of investors you want to work with (and to let go of the rest!).

By doing this you will take a huge portion of unnecessary & unhelpful tasks OFF your list, which will actually give you the time that you need BACK. And with that time you can focus on Income Generating Activities (ie. doing more deals) to enable you to truly get to the point that you can afford to hire. 

By doing this you will be taking a SYSTEMISED approach ie. a consistent and replicable approach to how you do deals, which will mean that systemisation will start to happen naturally as a by-product of the actions you are already taking!

So if you want to systemise… this is truly the SIMPLEST way to start that process. 

What do you mean by performance related payment?

When we say performance related, the client's success is measured upon a 200% return on the first payment based on improved cashflow.

How much personal attention will I get on the programme?

Every week the DMA team meeting and discuss the progress on every client on the programme and we ask ourselves the question “What can we do to help this client to raise more finance and do more deals QUICKER?”. Off the back of these discussions we will reach out where needed to offer support, ideas & guidance.  We track the progress of every client on a weekly basis, and when someone is off track we will reach out! So you will get a lot of attention and support.  Having said that, this programme is for people who have their own drive to get up and go! We can’t be there all the time, and you need to be able to take consistent action without constant support.   

Are you still investing in property, or just delivering training courses?

Our primary business is property. It is a bigger and faster growing part of the business than the Strategic Support side.  We feel the best guides for other property investors, are current property investors! So this programme has been designed to be delivered alongside a rapidly growing property business. It is a highly focused and niched programme which means it can get the attention it deserves, alongside property investing being the primary business model. Jackie has built Tomes Homes from the ground up, and has at one point done EVERYTHING.  But as the business has grown, the team has grown, and Jackie is no longer involved in the operations (hence having the time to provide Strategic Support to other property investors).  But Jackie is not a CEO that delegates through abdication, and she has her finger on the pulse of the entire business.

At the time of writing this, Tomes Homes is a team of 12 incredible individuals who have been carefully recruited and trained. Jackie will often not be the person with the technical answer anymore, but that is why the programme will give you access to anyone in the Tomes Homes team who is the best person to help overcome specific challenges related to raising more finance and doing more deals.   


Deal Maker Accelerator: Summary

  • Deal Maker Accelerator Online Training Centre
  • 1-2-1 sessions with Jackie & other team members
  • Private community
  • Monthly KPI Reporting Sessions over 12 months

Programme Price: 50% now, 50% results linked

First payment to join the programme*: £2,940+VAT

(*£294 per month if spread over 12 months, or £2,540+VAT if paid upfront. The other 50% is only due once the programme has given you a 200% return on the 1st payment through increased cashflow. So the total investment is £5,880+VAT.)


Any further questions about the DMA Programme? Drop me an email directly at

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What my clients say about working with me on their Property Strategies...

Business plan to give you laser focus  

"I always come away from my sessions with Jackie energised and refocused on what I should be working on for my business based on the business strategy we’ve been working. In awe of the skill she displays to elicit the core values within me that I wouldn’t have been able to articulate on my own. Jackie definitely knows what she is doing and you can clearly see she is passionate about her clients getting results. I now have a business plan to keep me laser focused on achieving my objectives with key implementable actions!  

Thank you so much Jackie!"  

Kemi Ogidan

Strategic focus for multiple businesses  

“We have tried a number of different methods to help get some clear direction and strategic focus for our multiple businesses and working with Jackie is the one thing that has given us clarity as well as a tangible process to follow which is completely repeatable.  

Jackie is a great listener, intelligent and insightful and gives good advice as well as keeping us on track. We highly recommend working with Jackie.”  

Kevin Poneskis & Caroline Benson

Save 1000s hours of wasted time  

"I attended Jackie’s training two years ago. At the time I found the training freed my mind, gave me total clarity on where I should, and also should not be focusing. I cannot explain how liberating this is!  

Two years later the benefits of the training continue to compound. Having known what to say yes and what to say no to has saved me 100s if not 1000s of hours of wasted time. This has meant I’ve completed more deals and also had more free time to spend with my family (the reason I stated in property in the first place!) thank you Jackie!!"  

Sarah Nuttall, Edward Milton Property  

Get to your goals a lot quicker  

"We were frustrated at the progress we were making in the business. We have a team of five highly experienced & talented people and felt like we should have been moving a lot quicker with what we were doing.  

We now have absolute clarity on where we need to go – everyone is aligned & it’s allowed us to focus on what we really need to do and ignore the distractions of life. We didn’t realise the value of it, but now we’ve done it, we wished we’d done it a year ago.  

Whatever stage of your journey you’re at you should just do it. It will help you mould your business into something that will work a lot more efficiently & set you towards your goals a lot quicker. So just do it."  

KHP Developments

From overwhelm to clarity with strategy  

“Before I came on Jackie’s Property Strategy Programme I was a little bit overwhelmed. I’m a shiny penny chaser, trying to do lots of things at once and not really getting anywhere.  

As a result of doing the Property Strategy Programme with Jackie I have now got so much more clarity, I’ve got an end vision, I’ve got definitive steps along the way &&I’m well on my way to getting where I want to be.  

If anyone is thinking of attending the Property Strategy Programme, my advice would be stop thinking about it and start doing it, in just a short space of time, it has had a massive impact already.”  

Toni Gargan

Aligning your Vision with your Short-Term Actions  

"It has been really great working with Jackie to get some real clarity on my strategy. The real power for me I think is to be able to get down some of the detail around each section that makes my Serviced Accommodation business of particular value and to be able to articulate that to different various stakeholders. Also, exceptionally powerful in terms of being able to get very focused on your long term goal and how that turns into meeting a medium term goal and then the short immediate key actions.  

This has enabled me to be able to plan my weeks now in line with my short term goals (which are aligned to my medium and in turn longer term goals). This is really a very powerful thing to be able to ensure you stay on focused in what you're doing. Strategy on a Page is of very good use to not only for more advanced investors but also newbies who perhaps may not have been thought about certain elements of their business yet in terms of cash flow, planning for resources, and some of the sales and marketing elements that are required to build a sustainable business."  

Hitesh Mistry 

Together we will:  

  • Remove frustration and overwhelm  
  • Get clarity on your Vision & Values 
  • Build you a personal plan on one page for you to grow your property business 
  • Make sure you are building the right business for you  
  • Create an actionable plan for you to fast track your path to success  

Jackie Tomes, The Property Strategist.

  • Strategic Consultant to other Property Investors to help them raise finance and do more deals.
  • CEO and Founder Tomes Homes, a property investment business where we buy blocks of flats with investors, where our mission is to make renting better than owning.
  • Background in Consumer Insight - bringing knowledge of human behavior into strategic marketing direction 
  • Built a £6m+ property portfolio in Kent in 6 years before the age of 30 
  • Raised over £2M from investors who we have worked with to build a portfolio worth over £7M in the 7 years since we started
  • JV Finance Raising Expert - structuring deals with investors properly (considering tax, legal and lending implications)
  • Experienced in single lets, HMO's, conversions, blocks of flats (title splitting) 
  • Featured multiple times in Your Property Network magazine and Inside Property Investing Podcasts
  • World Record Holding public speaker