Create financial & time freedom in your property business… and discover what Freedom really is


In this event, you will learn how to...

  • Build a property business that runs without you & travel the world thanks to your property cashflow
  • Enjoy FREEDOM and everything that means through property (and let go of anxiety, worry and guilt along the way)
  • Design your freedom plan and create more freedom from your property cashflow

From the first deal for £108,500 (with refurb paid for on a credit card!) to £16,000,000+ deals done, £5,000,000+ finance raised and a fully remotely managed property portfolio.

We are taking you behind the scenes on the biggest lessons learned en-route to true FREEDOM (location, financial & emotional).

Delivered by Tomes Homes co-founders Jackie Tomes & David Wigram, and hosted by our business partner, friend and one of the most influential people in our journey - Dominic Beecheno.

A rare moment to go behind to spend the day live and in-person! Which you won't find very often with us epic freedom junkies 😉

This is for you if you want to…

  • Create Freedom & Time from your property cashflow
  • Do more deals in less hours - have more holidays & more family time
  • Always have the next holiday is booked in ! Have evenings and weekends away from the laptop and the phone - focus on you & and your family
  • Love what you do, so that you are excited for each day

In this event, Jackie & Dave will share not only the highs, but also the lows of their journey to FINDING FREEDOM.

Join us and together we will…

  • Design your freedom plan and create more freedom from your property cashflow
  • Build a property business that runs without you & travel the world thanks to your property cashflow
  • Understand what letting go really means, how to do it and why it’s essential if you want to create FREEDOM
  • Make time to go on holiday every 6 weeks: learn practical tools for time-management, prioritisation and productivity and how to hire & manage a remote team






11th July 2024 (Thursday), 10AM to 5PM


Broadway House, Westminster, London




David Wigram, Managing Director of Tomes Homes

a.k.a 'Detail Dave'

  • Has raised over £6M of investor finance for property deals using the Property Strategy ‘Raising Finance Formula
  • Advises over £50M of property businesses through his ‘Portfolio Cashflow Optimiser’ service - a bespoke property portfolio reporting methodology designed to enable property business owners to take control of their finances, make better business decisions and increase their profit margins
  • Has successfuly supported £100M+ of other property businesses, enabling them to do more deals, raise more finance and achieve their own dream lifestyles
David Wigram-Tomes, Deal Maker Accelerator DMA Mentor


Founder & CEO Tomes Homes

a.k.a 'The Property Strategist'

  • Has grown her initial purchase of £108.5k to £16M+ worth of deals done to date - her portfolio focused mainly on block of flats strategy
  • Spoken at over 200 property events, is a world record holding public speaker, featured multiple times in YPN magazine, and in two Amazon No 1 bestselling books
  • Developed the #holidayevery6weeks lifestyle - Jackie spends most of her time travelling the world and focusing on growing her own property business - so this is a rare opportunity to have her with us this evening
  • Created Business Strategies for over 100 property businesses – and is here to share how we too can Focus, Raise Finance, Do More Deals and create FREEDOM - with this ready-made strategy for scaling up your property business.


Highly Accredited Business Coach

a.k.a 'Peak Performance Coach'

  • A qualified SFEDI Business and Skills Adviser, and ILM Coach and Mentor with over 5000 hours of experience diagnosing needs, coaching and mentoring over 2500 Small business leaders in the last 18 years
  • Qualified in multiple personal profile analysis tools, such as DISC, Harrison Assessments, Wealth Dynamics, Motivational Mapping and Growth Mapping
  • Coaches and mentors 10-20 business leaders every week, holding them accountable, ensuring they remain focused on their strategic goals and have the necessary skills and head space to deliver results
Headshot of Dominic Beecheno