Travelling through from Launch to Accelerate Level

Grace's Story

The Journey into Property Strategy

Attending Jackie’s one day Property Strategy Workshop in Oct 2018 is a pivotal moment in my property investment journey. After almost a year exploring and spending £££ on different property courses/VIP programmes, I was still in limbo on what “business model/property strategy” I should pursue. Jackie’s succinct yet passionate delivery style during the workshop woke me up. It made me realise that property strategy/business model is only secondary. The fundamental is what I truly want in life. After this mindset change, I met Jackie for another 3 hours 1-1 private session to further explore my property journey, properly. Within this session, through Jackie’s skilful probing and analysis, we decided that based on my personal circumstances, I should focus on simple buy to let but do it VERY WELL. She also set me a target of 10 Buy-to-Let (BTL) properties for 2019 by the end of that session.

It didn’t seem attainable at the time, especially when I just resigned from my job as a Finance Director of a NASDAQ-listed company, for family reasons, funding was tight and I hadn’t even figured out which locations I need to go look for these properties. I only knew that I needed to head North….

A Rollercoaster Ride

What next, turned out to be one of the most exciting rollercoaster rides in my life. Under Jackie’s 6 months' Property Strategy Builder Mentorship Programme, I’ve bought my first B2L up north on 31st May 2019, 5 months into 2019…. Still 9 more to go… can I do it…?

By the end of 2019, I have bagged 7. Not quite hitting the 10, but way more than what I could ever imagine in such a short timeframe.  Apart from securing the properties, with Jackie and Dave's strategic and methodical guidance, I've set up a network of good, reliable and tested sourcers and local power teams to find me solid BTL properties up north. We also started putting in place an underlying framework for running this business in order to scale and replicate the business efficiently. This is planning for the end point that I can start stepping back, and enjoy what I truly want for my life.

We have just set an even more aggressive plan for 2020, but I’m confident that I will get there with Jackie and Dave!  

The Support from Property Strategy

To re-cap the course/programmes I've done with Jackie and how it has helped me:

1 day Property Strategy Workshop:

  • Open my eyes, setting the right mindset and ways on how to carve out real life strategy. This also helped me to start thinking of how properties (the right type) can feed into this strategy


Property Strategy Kickstart: 3 hours of 1-1:

  • Fine-tune the right business model/type of properties I need to fulfil my life Vision, taking into account of my personal circumstances and limitations
  • Set high level deal criteria to help qualify property deals/sourcers
  • Jackie provided me with a very useful Area Research Methodology that helped narrow down my property goldmine areas
  • Set aspirational Target for 2019 - this is pivotal. I felt a GREAT PUSH to make it work, after we agreed on the target


Online Property Strategy Systems Masterclass:

  • Amazing wealth of information that covers the key functions in running a property business
  • This course is packed with tonnes of useful training videos/templates/analytical models


6-Month Property Strategy Builder Programme:

  • Useful 2 hours monthly check-ins to ensure I'm on track to hit my target through:
  • Creating a comprehensive One-page Strategic Plan that mapped out my vision, key actions and business strategy - this provides a clear plan of attack, making me believe that my target is achievable.
  • Troubleshooting any challenges that is blocking my way
  • Fine-tuning my deal criteria to find quality deals
  • Design investor/funding attraction plan
  • I want to highlight a success story: my first property up North was down valued badly (15% from the target price). I was advised to move onto a different lender, as it's unlikely to change the valuer's mind. However, I prepared a valuation deck using Jackie's professional template and successfully appealed the case. The new valuation came back 7% higher than my target price.

Invaluable Advice, Tools/Systems & Guidance

I highly recommend Jackie's training programme/workshop to those who are either starting to explore property investment or currently running a property business and needing help in systemising it.

I believe Jackie can help you to focus on the right strategy and give your property journey a good push. With their experience, they provide invaluable advice, tools/systems  and guidance in leveraging technology to help achieve a much more efficient and systematic way of running the business. They are professional - doing things properly and in a very methodical manner. Jackie is always so responsive - she  always gets back to my SOS calls within 24 hours and provides me with very constructive advice to move forward. 

Jackie and Dave work as a perfect team:  Jackie focuses on steering me on mapping out a detailed blue print to hit my target; while Dave provides the next level of details in terms of business analysis and management reporting that facilitates decision-making.

I have tried other mentoring programmes, but this is the one programme that truly makes a huge difference to my life. I’ve just completed my monthly programme and chose to continue working with Jackie and Dave via a quarterly mentoring programme, the Business Growth Compounder so that I know I have the security of their continuous support when I need it. Most importantly, I want to celebrate my future success with Jackie and David. They are truly on my side, genuinely wanting to help me to achieve my life vision and to achieve it SYSTEMATICALLY!