It has been really great working with Jackie to get some real clarity on my strategy. The real power for me I think is to be able to get down some of the detail around each section that makes my Serviced Accommodation business of particular value and to be able to articulate that to different various stakeholders. Also, exceptionally powerful in terms of being able to get very focused on your long term goal and how that turns into meeting a medium term goal and then the short immediate key actions.  

This has enabled me to be able to plan my weeks now in line with my short term goals (which are aligned to my medium and in turn longer term goals). This is really a very powerful thing to be able to ensure you stay focused on what you're doing. Strategy on a Page is of very good use not only for more advanced investors but also newbies who perhaps may not have thought about certain elements of their business yet in terms of cash flow, planning for resources, and some of the sales and marketing elements that are required to build a sustainable business. 

Jackie is very professional and shows a good level of care and attention to your needs. 

The Property Systems Masterclass will guide you to your goals, and more importantly keep you in check and prevent you from being distracted by what seems like a never ending tide of business and property opportunities. Without the structure, systems, planning and strategic thinking that this programme gives, any investor will fall into the trap of achieving their property goals, yet not achieve their lifestyle goals and hence will live the 'I am working full time in property' dream but will fail miserably on the lifestyle goals they have set - if indeed they have even taken the time to set any.

Through this programme I am confident that not only will I achieve the property targets I have set myself, but what is more important to me is the lifestyle I wish to achieve. I have a 5 year plan and the lifestyle I wish to achieve is very much on target.  

The programme to me is common sense, it's logical, it's obvious and suits my way of thinking. I would recommend everyone to just stop and pause and ask themselves ' why am I doing this?'. Then they should ask ' what am I hoping to achieve?' followed by ' how do I make sure I obtain what I am looking to achieve?' once they know this, then they should appreciate how difficult it is to stick to this plan, without having a systems and strategic viewpoint to achieve it. 

If you are uncertain as to what you want to achieve in property I would recommend this course to you. If you have a plan as to what your lifestyle and business will look like, I would recommend this course to ensure you get everything you wish for - otherwise you are going to be very disappointed. 

Since joining the property strategy systems masterclass, I have gained serious traction in the approach to my business.

With the help of jackie, I have been able to focus on one model and prioritised on the others accordingly.  

What I’ve found is that I’m attracting investors that have bought into my strategy and willing to put money into my projects on a JV basis.