**Property Strategy Kickstart**

Property Strategy Kickstart: 1-2-1 strategy session  

This is a two part process to getting focus, clarity and forging ahead with confidence on your property business:  

  • Part 1: 2.5 hour 1-2-1 Online Session (or face-to-face in Margate)
  • Part 2: 30 minute 1-2-1 follow-up call two weeks later  

Price: £895 + VAT  

Part-1 upcoming session dates:  

  • Thursday 2nd April - AM Available (London / Online)
  • Thursday 23rd April - PM Available (London / Online)
  • Monday 4th May - PM Available (London / Online)
  • Monday 11th May - PM Available (Online)  

Part 2 Follow-Up Call: will be booked in at the end of the Part 1 session  

If you cannot make any of the dates above, or if you would like details of dates later in the year please send us an email to info@tomeshomes.com and we can let you know the options  

Once you have booked (using the link below) we will contact you for your date choice. These are allocated on a first come first serve basis.  

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Property Strategy Kickstart is designed to:  

  • Provide you with a personalised review of your current business(es) alongside your Vision to ensure they are aligned
  • Overcome the biggest challenges currently facing you / your business
  • Challenge you on the decisions you are making to ensure they are the right ones to get YOU where you want to go
  • Clarify what you should be saying yes and no to (what business models are right for you)
  • Clarify which next steps will get you towards your goals quickest  
  • Ensure you are on the path to getting the fastest results, in the shortest possible time  
  • Create your high priority action steps to move your business forward  

No two Property Strategy Kickstart sessions are the same, because it's all about YOU and YOUR specific Vision & Challenges, and making sure we have the right next steps for you to move forwards. However, there is a broad framework that I use to guide the session.  

Overview of the Property Strategy Kickstart session process:

1. Current Context: First we take a look at where you are currently at when it comes to building your property business - what have you achieved so far?  

2. Challenges: What are the main frustrations or challenges that you have at the moment that are holding you back and preventing you from moving forwards?  

Then we take a step back from the now...  

3. Vision: What are you ultimately trying to achieve with your Property Business / Investing? What does the ideal future look like in your business and in your life? Understanding what success looks like for you in order to guide the immediate decisions for how to get there.  

Then we come back to the current context and challenges...  

4. Highest Priority Challenges: Based on where you are ultimately heading towards, what are the biggest barriers / challenges to starting to move towards this? We'll decide the highest priority challenge you face to go in-depth into. This varies from session to session, but as examples this can be: what should my main focus be in property moving forwards (e.g. single lets, HMO's, rent-to-rent, developments, etc.), how to source (better) deals, choosing an investment area that works, framework for choosing the right business partners, how to find the first investors or how to find the right investors, what is the right deal for me, plans for systemising your business, how to make your next / first hire, managing time to be able to achieve what you want to in the time that you have  

5. Action Steps: We bring everything together into a 1-Page Action Steps plan, so that you have a clear focus on the actions you need to take heading out from the session. You will have real focus and clarity on what things really matter for you in the next stage of building your property business, and how those steps relate to your Vision  

At the end of the session we schedule your Follow-Up Call for approximately 2 weeks after the session so that we can catch-up to review your action steps and how you have got on and answer any questions that have come up off the back of the session. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • How much extra do you charge if I want to bring my business partner? I think it’s important to get both business partners along to strategy sessions, so if you have a business partner, they can join you in your session for no additional charge. If there are more than two of you it may be that we get too tight for time - if this is the case please get in touch to discuss the options  
  • Is this a tax-deductable business expense? If you have an existing property business, then it is usually possible to deduct the cost of a training programme before tax – talk to your accountant about this  
  • What about ongoing support? Can't I just go straight onto one of those programmes? In order to provide the best quality service - access to The Property Strategy Programme or The Mentoring Programme is by invitation only. The Property Strategy Kickstart session is a great way for me to understand where you are at, what your particular challenges are and what your ongoing area of focus is. Depending on the outcome of these areas I may make an invitation to join the ongoing 1-2-1 programmes, but I will only do this if it is right for you to do so. Depending on what ongoing support we decide you need, I may also make introductions to other suitable professionals / mentors / coaches if you wish.  

From feeling overwhelmed at Spaghetti Junction to organised, practical plans  

"Spaghetti junction. This is how I felt before taking the 1-2-1 session with Jackie. Being a new starter in property, I kind of knew where or in what direction I'd like my Site Sourcing business to go, however, I was in a muddle in my mind about where to even begin.  

With some intelligent, probing questions from Jackie I was able to get that little bit more clearer on my vision and direction. I came away with clear action items, easily implementable ideas that have helped me focus on key priority tasks.  

I came away feeling like there was a right path forward for me and my business. Highly recommended, as Jackie has a way of organising your thoughts into practical plans."  

Kemi, Land Sourcing, London

All the ideas flying around in my head turned into actionable steps  

"Before the Property Strategy Kick Start I felt overwhelmed by all the options available in property. The more I looked into it the more overwhelmed I seemed to get and I didn’t know where to start.  

Jackie managed to take all of the different ideas flying around in my head and bring them together to form a plan. Working through it stage by stage meant I got real clarity on where I wanted to be and immediately actionable steps to help me get there.  

I now know exactly what I need to do to make a start on my property business and what I want to get out of it. I would recommend the session to anyone who is unsure which direction to take in property or feels overwhelmed and unsure of how to begin."  

Katie, Buy-to-Let, Essex

Clear Vision and Definitive Steps, Systems & Strategy to execute on  

"Being overwhelmed and having a new business partner at the helm, my property journey was moving at a snail’s pace alongside feeling frustrated in managing a full-time job and family at the same time.  

After going on the 1-day workshop (which was invaluable!), I booked onto the 1-2-1 strategy session. This proved to be a wise decision as Jackie helped me and my business partner gain clarity over our roles within the business, outlined processes we needed to do in order to create a scalable and sustainable business model.  

This all comes on the back of having a vision with definitive steps set out to carry out the strategy and systems to execute, all which Jackie expertly delivered.  

Having known Jackie over a period of 6 months, my dealings with her have found her to be approachable, reliable, efficient and thorough, responding to queries in a timely and knowledgeable manner. Her glowing and earnest personality makes her someone I am extremely proud to work with and cannot recommend her strategy sessions highly enough especially if you need to find clarity, focus and direction in your business."  

Qasim, Build-to-Rent, Birmingham

A Clear Vision & Strategy to avoid Shiny Penny Syndrome  

"As a complete novice to the world of property developing, and overwhelmed by the many strategies that can be undertaken to achieve huge success (through the many seminars that I had been to), I was in desperate need of an entry strategy as well as needing clarity as I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed.  

My big ideas that had been created as a result of the many talks and seminars I had been to needed to be stripped back for the time being, so I could focus on how to start. To start in the best way possible, to avoid ‘shiny penny syndrome'. By attending this first workshop I realized quickly that I did not want to work backwards, and wanted to carve out my approach from someone both successful and relatable in terms of achievement - enter Jackie Tomes.  

I can honestly say if It wasn’t for sitting down and carving out my entry strategy I would be running up and down the country - spending entire weekends driving to and from Liverpool chasing my shiny penny before realizing (the hard and expensive way) that Liverpool probably isn’t the most viable option to me. I would still be distracted in terms of questioning which strategy to go with as ‘I’ve just seen my mate on Facebook make a killing with an HMO and maybe I should do that…!’  

I’ve got my short-term plan in place and it’s not budging until I’ve made it successful, I feel calm and collected with a clear strategy and vision in place something I just would not have had I not worked with Jackie :) "  

Lauren, Buy-to-Let, Birmingham

Strategy leading to success with Investor Avatar  

"I found the strategy day and follow up session to be utterly refreshing.  

Before the sessions I felt overwhelmed and stuck, after the session I had clarity again. I knew what I needed to do and the reason why I was doing it - I wasn't busy for the sake of it - I had purpose.  

I was clear on my strategy, the models we were going to use to get there and my investor avatar, which is already proving fruitful. Thank you!"  

Joanne, Buy-to-Let, Yorkshire

A personalised game plan  

Jackie is so understanding and knowledgeable. Before attending the Kickstart session I was very lost at what to do next to get closer towards my goals. Jackie is very upbeat, down to earth and took the time to discover my wants and needs before building a game plan that suits me personally. What I particularly found useful was learning what I should be focusing my time, energy and attention on.  

After the session I felt a great sese of clarity and a solid base to build from.  

This session is a great place to start and would recommend to anyone that wants to live their life with purpose, passion and integrity. This is just the start for me and I will definitely be seeking further advice from Jackie during my road to success.  

Jay LIghten, Buy-to-let, Essex