We are really excited to have hit a new phase of growth here at Tomes Homes. With nearly 50 units owned & managed in the Group, and a super-talented team of 8 of us (need to update our Team 1 pager!), we are now able to really knuckle down and focus on delivering a superior service to the Private Rented Sector, whilst continuing to scale up.  

We are continuing to acquire new blocks of flats (in the Thanet, Kent area) that will be managed by our in-house team.  

The Tomes Homes Group has only made it to this point by working with our awesome investment partners who have received great returns along the way. But we haven’t been able to serve many investors, as the business was very reliant on David & me for things to happen. This meant we had to be very selective of who we worked with because for us it is has always been essential that we deliver on the promises we make.  

We are excited we now have capacity to take on additional investment to facilitate the next stage of growth (whilst continuing to serve alongside our existing investors).  

Now that the foundations are in place, we are ready to take the business to the next level of scale so we can really add value to the communities we operate in, the Private Rented Sector more widely and our Investment Partners.  

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, feel free to drop me a message!

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