A COMMUNITY designed to bring together a network of strategically minded property investors who are aligned in their desire to cut through all the noise, and focus in on the most efficient and simple path to grow their property businesses.

Undertake Analysis - understand how to improve the running of your property business day-to-day in order to get the best results 

Stay Accountable - staying focused and getting the most important tasks done with the support of likeminded investors to help keep you accountable and accelerate your success

Take Focused Action - find out how to get more productive, be more efficient and get more done in less time!

100% Online Property Investment Community

Designed to bring together a network of strategically minded investors who are aligned in their desire to cut through all the noise, and focus in on the most efficient and simple path to grow their property businesses.

Members in the community get access to an INCREDIBLE line-up of events, content and support, including:

Monthly Masterclass on hot, new and in-demand subject areas held by Jackie or Dave

Varied programme of members-only events, including:

  • Speed Networking Sessions
  • Group Innovation & Implementation sessions
  • Invitations to members and other subject area experts to hold share sessions on their individual areas of brilliance with the rest of the community

Weekly 40-Minute Mini-Mastermind Sessions to ensure ensuring accountability, productivity & inspiration

Community support & priority responses to questions from Jackie, Dave & the rest of the Tomes Homes team through the online Community

Monthly subscription from is £59 (including VAT!).

Please note to join the community you must have completed our Strategy Workshop so that you have an understanding of the foundations of Property Strategy and can use the community as momentum to implement these principles.


The Triple A Community is all about Analysis, Accountability & ACTION!

It is designed to help you gain Clarity, Calm, Structure and to get you to take

Focused Action for YOUR Property Businesses.

Who is this community for?

The Triple-A Community has been designed to bring together a network of strategically minded investors who are aligned in their desire to cut through all the noise, and focus in on the most efficient and simple path to grow their property businesses.  

Investors of all levels are welcome, but newer investors must have a growth mindset and the Vision to build a property business – so a hunger to push beyond your comfort zone and find out how to progress to the next ‘level’ in an efficient way. 

The power of this network and community has been proven time and again over the last few months, and we now want to explore new and improved ways to maximise this for each and every member. 

So together with our members’ support, Dave and myself are here to guide you with quality data, a clear framework, and Property Strategies that will help you combat overwhelm, confusion, weariness, and lack of certainty, to ensure that each of us doesn't just survive, but thrives for 2020 and beyond.  

Overview of the Masterclass Back Catalogue

Brand-new, bespoke Masterclasses exclusively for the community, run by Jackie, Dave and other members of the brilliant Tomes Homes team have been hugely popular and well-received amongst our members. These are exclusive, money-can't-buy masterclass. They include...

1. Routines and Productivity Hacks: maximise your productivity & efficiency

2. Wealth Dynamics as a Tool to Maximise You & Your Teams' Effectiveness

3. Asana Masterclass: Turning Head Explosions into Focus, Calm & Clarity + Follow up Asana Implementation Q&A Session

4. Setting up a Quick Cashflow Forecast Session: Setting-up your Cashflow & Risk Management Processes​

5. Market Predictions & Pivoting Your Business Model Sessions

6. How to Increase Net Profit by Bringing Lettings In-House

7. Property Deal Re-Negotiation Strategy Session

8. Arrears Management & Rent Repayment Processes​

9. Building your Credibility & Forging New Relationships with Investors

10. Understanding your Property Business Financial Health - A Deep Dive into Management Accounts with Detail Dave

11. Best Practice for Working with your Team: Meeting rhythms, communication methods, unleashing the brilliance in everyone

As a member of the Triple-A community you will get access to: 

  • Practical Business Support: Advice Aimed at the IMMEDIATE & LONG-TERM needs of those who run property businesses (no matter the size) to help you make better decisions.
  • Priority responses from Jackie, Dave & the Tomes Homes Team in the online community.
  • Exclusive members-only events, discounts & freebies 
  • Accountability - fostering accountability within each member to move your property business forwards, and continuously take positive action (and avoid distraction & procrastination).
  • Weekly 30-minute Mini-Masterminds - share experiences, knowledge, ideas challenges, and achievements and keep yourself accountable for the most important actions in your business. 
  • Monthly Masterclasses on different aspects of running a property business including Task Management, Time Management, Team Management, Communication, Finance, Productivity, Efficiency, etc.
  • An exclusive community of strong & resilient property investors who are all going through the same thing - support, guidance and care

Once you join, you will have access to the  Members only Facebook Community & Group WhatsApp for day-to-day support and Zoom sessions for Masterclasses on hot topics & Mastermind Sessions.



"I'm writing to say thank you so much for creating the Triple A Programme and to let you know how much I appreciate being part of it.  I really like the help and encouragement but also the accountability.  You have put together some really helpful strategy sessions which are useful at all times and stages of anyone's property journey.  I like the fact you are creating sessions specifically for the needs of the group and are very flexible. Having replays of these is great too, as I can't always make them 'live'.  Property can be a lonely business at the best of times and knowing there is support at this particularly tricky time is most welcome."

- Dave B, Portfolio Landlord

"Amazing session, lots of useful tips, and really good to have your insights and perspective, thank you ."

- Yvette

"A great session :) - some real nuggets here ."

- Angelos

"Loved this morning's session - loads to think about."

- Susie