About David Wigram

The Detailed One

Whenever it comes down to HOW things work from a detailed perspective... you'll find that Detailed Dave is never far away!

From restructuring your property business financials and assessing how to make your business more profitable, to creating the most exacting deal analysis spreadsheets and working out how to structure complex property deals - the complex detail is what Dave is all about.

His approach to making a successful property business is based on the simple time tested concept of getting your underlying numbers right first, then using this as a rock solid foundation from which to launch your property deals and bring your business visions to reality.

Over the past few years, he and his team has created a comprehensive financial dashboard that is specifically designed to help property businesses in the UK improve their profitability. Since then, he has contributed to the growth of the many property investors he has worked with.

that has been fundamental to success of the many property businesses he works with.

David Wigram-Tomes, Deal Maker Accelerator DMA Mentor