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You are at Accelerate Level if:

You've successfully got your property investing off the ground. You've experienced set-backs and challenges, but despite it all you've forged through and you have the beginnings of a property business. Well done!

The problem is... you probably feel overwhelmed. Investing in Property has been harder than you expected and whilst you imagined it would create 'passive income', this is anything but passive - in fact you are starting to think there is no such thing!

You've probably been on a number of property training courses and mentorships, but in a way you feel they've left you more confused than you have ever been. What is the right route forward? What was the point of doing all of this in the first place? You wanted a life where you didn't have to work so hard, but so far all you've done is work harder and harder, and you can't see an end in sight!

You are fed up with big promises that don't deliver, and just want the right support & guidance to get the results that mean the most to you. But you are probably feeling wary of property training companies, as you've realised you are feeling very let down by those that you've paid a lot of money to so far.

If the above sounds familiar then we can support you as one of our 'Accelerate Level' clients. Usually this will mean you have:

  • Successfully completed a property deal / have a small portfolio (you have successfully got your property investing off the ground, even if it's in small numbers at this stage)

This description doesn't sound like it reflects my situation; I would say I am...

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It's time to get your property investing working for you - let's create the Success, Freedom & Time that you deserve

At the Accelerate Level we can help you to:

  • Ensure you are taking the QUICKEST route to increasing cashflow
  • Turn your investing into a BUSINESS that serves YOU
  • Turn your property income PASSIVE (it is possible! But only with the right infrastructure, systems & team!)
  • Go on HOLIDAY more - create the #HolidayEvery6Weeks Lifestyle (or your specific version of this)
  • Bring back balance between Business & Life so that you have time for Family, Friends & Fun along the way
  • Experience the SUCCESS you deserve from all your hard work

In our experience, businesses at this level require support to:

  • Get out of the detail, so that you can see the bigger picture again, and make the right decisions accordingly
  • Refine the Business Model, cut out the noise & FOCUS
  • Get the confidence to say NO to opportunities that don't fit the strategy
  • Turn Chaos into Business Order & Structure
  • Get the answers to DETAILED technical property business questions (that property courses have left unanswered)
  • Build a small (but perfectly formed!) team that can support you & stop you having to be responsible for EVERYTHING
  • Select & set-up the right Systems across the whole business
  • Define the right Vision, and the STRATEGY to get there (so there's a step-by-step plan that has been reverse engineered)
  • Many property investors at this stage also require real support, unbiased guidance and CARE - you may have been let down or hurt by others who were meant to look out for you and have your best interests at heart


Based on your Level, we would usually suggest the following programmes that will help you to achieve the next objectives in your business.

Strategy Retreat
Financial Management Fast-Track
Strategy Builder

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If you would like to arrange a call to discuss the best path forward for you & your business - just drop us a message and we can book in a time to have a chat to understand your specific requirements.

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