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You are at Launch Level if:

You are searching for a way to live a life with more freedom, time & control. You may have a job right now, or you may run your own business, but you are not happy doing it. You want the CHOICE to live life on your own terms and for no-one else to be able to instruct when you can take holidays. You want to ENJOY what you are doing each day, and to create financial freedom for you and your family .

You may have already attended some other courses on property investing or have been reading books, listening to podcasts soaking in a whole new world of information. You are excited and driven to make a big change in your life and for property to be the way forward for you.

You are finding that there are SO MANY OPTIONS! You are hearing about all the different property 'strategies', and they all sound incredible, so you want to do as many of them as quickly as possible. The idea of multiple income streams from property is really appealing to you, and you want to get to this point as quickly as possible!

The problem is you are feeling overwhelmed, what is the best path forwards for you? You may have even tried a number of different routes to move forwards, but so far nothing has worked. You need to really focus in on the best path fowards so that you can prevent wasted time & procrastination. You also want to ensure that you get the right property education so that you can minimise the mistakes and move as QUICKLY as possible.

If the above sounds familiar then we can support you as one of our 'Launch Level' clients. Usually this will mean you have:

  • Very limited to no property investing experience

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Based on your Level, we would usually suggest the following programmes that will help you to achieve the next objectives in your business.

Kickstart Session 
Strategy Workshop 
Strategy Builder

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